Take a Cruise on the Pannenkoekenboot - the Pancake Boat


Photograph from Benidormone on Flickr


The Pannenkoekenboot, or Pancake Boat, is possibly the only boat in the world featuring an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. For an hour or more while floating by the sights of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, or Nijmegen you can feast on pancakes and...more pancakes. Don't tell me you wouldn't go for this:

We serve plain, apple and bacon pancakes and also have a buffet covered with ingredients to garnish your pancake with, such as cheese, ham, fruit, jam and chocolate sprinkles. Of course there is syrup and powdered sugar on every table.

Of course—no pancake buffet is complete without syrup and powdered sugar. €13,50 may sound like a lot for pancakes, but while stuffing yourself with as many pancakes as you dare to ingest remember that you're also being ferried along a picturesque river. You could take a pancake-less journey, but why would you do that when you could ride the Pancake Boat? Methinks the choice is obvious.