'Ratatouille' Branded Wine

20070706rat.jpgDisney’s consumer products division has to easily double the size of its creative department. In accordance with the studio's aim to squeeze every possible dollar out of a film, it will release wines based on the movie Ratatouille: "For the first time, Disney will offer red and white wines to complement the film's backdrop, a five-star Parisian restaurant, as well as cheese platters, both from Costco Wholesale Corp."

Wine blogger Dr. Vino speculates that the whites will be Chardonnays from the Burgundy region of France. Something tells me that Thomas Keller’s palate (in use as consultant for the film) will not go into these mass-market wines.

I may breach my no-Disney movie policy for this one, but I still don’t recommend buying any wine with cute, fuzzy animals on the label.