Why Wedding Food Sucks

As wedding season gets into full swing, Regina Schrambling asks the question on many wedding guests' minds: "Why is the food at weddings so bad?" There are the obvious constraints: budget, number of guests, and those applied by venue (house catering only), but perhaps the real reason is less obvious:

Weddings are the rare party not given for the guests. Even birthdays take participants into account more, possibly because pomp and ceremony are not allowed to spiral out of control. Instead weddings are a celebration of the hosts' fantasies, dreams, and ultimately, their competitive streaks—what couple does not want the extravaganza to end all extravaganzas? Girls who spend their whole lives dreaming of being brides see everything around them as an accessory. Flowers enhance their beauty. Food, not so much.

I don't think this holds true for those of us who are passionate about food, so how do overcome the constraints associated with serving great food at an event like a wedding? Invite fewer people, compromise on venue?