The 5 Worst Candies of All Time

Handsome Donkey gives us the 5 Worst Candies of all time in this handy video that illustrates typical human reactions to eating such candies:

Who are the sugary perpetrators? Paper Dots , Wax Bottles, Chewing Tobacco (certainly a bad candy since it's not even candy), Circus Peanuts and Necco wafers (tie), and the number one criminal to all candy kind, Giant Jawbreakers.

waxbottles.jpg While I don't necessarily agree that these are the worst candies of all time, I do think that they all suck. Out of everything on the list I've only had the displeasure of eating wax bottles and jawbreakers, probably because they came with goody bags from childhood parties and kids will eat anything artificially colored and borderline toxic as long as it's sweet (me being one of these kids). I distinctly remember chewing on a wax bottle, feeling perplexed because it was missing a property of food that I tend to hold in high regard—that is, digestibility—and then spitting it out, thinking that it would only be worth biting through the inconvenient wax receptacle if the liquid inside were some kind of serum that gave you superpowers or increased brain functionality, which it did not. If anything, it may have lowered my brain activity.

There's a lot of questionable candy out there. Bad Candy knows the horrors of these confections all too well.