Ratatouille: The Greatest Food Movie Ever?


There have actually been a lot of terrific food-centric movies, (think "Tampopo", "Eat Drink, Man, Woman," "Big Night,"and the original "Mostly Martha"). but judging from the reviews that came out today, "Ratatouille" may just claim the title of the greatest food movie ever. Here's the New York Times' A. O. Scott, who is a passionate and fair-minded but tough critic. on the film:

Written and directed by Brad Bird and displaying the usual meticulousness associated with the Pixar brand, “Ratatouille” is a nearly flawless piece of popular art, as well as one of the most persuasive portraits of an artist ever committed to film. It provides the kind of deep, transporting pleasure, at once simple and sophisticated, that movies at their best have always promised.

That's a good a pull-quote as any marketing executive will ever find. And I have to say it's working on me. I can't wait to see the film.