Don't Throw Out That Pizza Just Yet


Replate aims to spread the word of how to put your extra food to better use by placing "unwanted leftovers, typically in a doggie bag, on top of the nearest trash can so that they don't go to waste." While I'm all for the idea of wasting less food and feeding those who are hungry, I don't think placing half-eaten food on top of trash cans—assuming the cans have tops and that someone will definitely take the food for himself—is a very effective way to do it. If the people behind Replate believe so much in their cause, it's surprising that they would go through the trouble of setting up a website and only give it two pages besides not present any facts about homelessness and hunger. While raising awareness is better than doing nothing at all, I just wonder how helpful repurposed half-eaten burritos are to the hungry.

How many people do this or something similar with their leftovers?