David Haskell on Online Food Crit

To supplement the foodblog this and foodblog that discussion going on recently, Eater L.A. grabs David Haskell, owner of Bin 8945, to share his thoughts on another food-crit site, Chowhound:

I banned Chowhound. It’s not that I don’t think the writers supply some decent informative reviews. It’s that most of the reviews never critique the food or actual service. I always thought my profession was to supply the best food and service for the cost. If you want to review that, then please mention the food and why you didn’t like it. Or the service. Did we not put down silver for every course? But “It sucks” is not a review. People have come to my restaurant with cards that have their 'handle' name. OK, that is funny. But it reminds me of the guy with the 'producer' card who hits on all the girls.

In the end, Haskell says he appreciates—and reacts to—bloggers who write informative, well-reasoned reviews.