'Consumer Reports' Doesn't Know Hot Dogs


The good folks at Consumer Reports may know cars and appliances, but apparently their tasters don't know much about hot dogs. The magazine just released its hot dog taste test results. Hebrew National came out on top. Hebrew National is a fine-tasting dog, don't get me wrong, but ever since the kosher police ruled that natural casings were not kosher, Hebrew National's dogs no longer rule. They don't have that great snap that's required of a truly great hot dog.


What's New On Serious Eats

New York Times hot dog roundup that Papaya King hot dogs, made by Sabrett's parent company Marathon, now reign supreme, along with Chicago's favorite Vienna Beef.

Papaya King hot dogs are sold at select supermarkets in the New York area, including Fairway. Make sure that when you're buying Vienna Beef hot dogs, you buy the ones with the natural casing.

There is one other hot dog to look out for in your local supermarket. Boar's Head does make a fine all-beef hot dog with a natural casing. But read the fine print on the package before you buy to make sure that's what you're getting.