Bruni Praises the Lard


In today's New York Times Chairman Bruni confirms in hilarious fashion what most Serious Eaters already know and love about food in restaurants these days, namely, that fat rules. Though he did hit many of the fat-centric highlights in New York eating, like Resto, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, and the Spotted Pig, he failed to mention a few of my favorites (both classic and new) listed after the jump. What are your favorite fatty dishes?

  • Fresh Bacon with Capsicum and Twice Cooked Pork at the Grand Sichuan mini-chain and Wu Liang Ye Lion's Head (the giant fatty meatball) at Joe's Shanghai and many other Shanghai restaurants
  • The elegant pork belly served at Eleven Madison Park
  • The Moist Brisket at the new Hill Country Barbecue
  • Suckling pig at Pig Heaven and Greater New York Noodletown
  • Sliders at The Little Owl.

I could go on forever with my phat fat list, but I'd like to know if fat rules in other cities as well these days. Serious Eaters, do tell. And do let us know what your favorite fat dish is and where to get it.