The World's Largest Cheese Wheel



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I'd heard that the World's Largest Wheel of Cheese was going to be on display at Grand Central Station here in New York but decided I was too buzy/lazy to go check it out myself, but my friend Ranjit went yesterday and took this photo. The 1,323 pound wheel is a Gouda made by Beemster in the Netherlands last July and its trip to New York was sponsored by local heroes Murray's Cheese.

It looks fantastic and Ranjit said Beemster's cheese is delicious (he had a slice from a smaller wheel) but I have to admit I'm kind of disappointed by the size of it. A six foot wide cheese is not something to sneer at, to be sure, but I figured something that would hold such an impressive title would be far bigger—say, the size of the trampolines put up outside burning buildings, or an above-ground backyard pool?

Anyway, the wheel is said to be worth about $15,500 but Beemster CEO Eric Hultz says it's not for sale: "I think we are going to cut it up and then have the world's largest fondu. We'll invite people to the fondu and raise money for charity." Yum! Where do I sign up?