Would-be 'Top Chefs' Are Broke Chefs

It's rare that I come across a food or restaurant-oriented subject that I haven't at least thought or heard about, but Kim Severson's page one story about culinary school grads defaulting on their student loans is just that. And according to our new, smart as a whip resident web developer who has cooked professionally, Kim's story is just the veritable tip of the iceberg. In fact, our man, who wants to remain nameless, says that would-be chefs are weighed down by not only a mountain of student loan debt but also by significant out-of-pocket expenses incurred when they are just starting out. Things like knives, kitchen clogs, expensive restaurant meals, and cookbooks are essential but not cheap, especially when you are making $10 an hour. We'll have more on this story in the days to come. Do any chefs-to-be want to weigh in here?