Make Your Own Soup Dumplings


Whenever I take someone out to dinner for soup dumplings who's never had them before, they can never understand why I'm so excited: "Uh, it's just dumplings in soup. Big deal?" But it is a big deal! They are wrong! The dumplings are not in the soup, the soup is in the dumplings! They've got lovely pork fillings inside them, sometimes crab too, but the star attraction is the hot, savoury broth that you suck out through a hole you've delicately nibbled.

I live within walking distance of my favorite places to get these wonders of deliciousness, but for those of you who didn't plan your habitats so strategically, this month's issue of Bon App├ętit has a short piece that explains how they work as well as a recipe plus tips on where to get the various ingredients from New York chef Anita Lo, so you can make the magic happen at home. Her way is a sure path to deliciousness, but if you're lazy and want to take a shortcut, your local Chinatown grocery just might have some in the freezer!