Costco is Selling Mexican Coke!


If you like the Real Thing better made with real sugar and you happen to live near a Costco, you'll be happy to know that they're selling Mexican Coke: $17.99 for a case of 24 twelve ounce bottles, which comes out to 75c each. How'd Costco manage that, you ask? According to SFist, they've "conformed to CA and U.S. rules, such as CRV (the sort-of deposit you pay for the bottle) and "nutrition" labeling, so everything appears to be nice and legal."

Coca-Cola Corporate in Atlanta says there is "no perceptible taste difference" between Mexican Coke made with real sugar and US Coke made with high-fructose corn syrup, but as anyone who's ever had the two can tell you, that's wishful thinking—drinks made with real sugar have a clean sweetness and light mouthfeel to them, while those made with corn syrup have heavy mouthfeel and a cloying sweetness.

Don't believe me? A commenter on Jason Perlow's post on Passover Coke (made in the US with real sugar for the holiday) said he'd brought back real sugar Coke from Nicaragua and did blind taste tests with friends and family: "We used purified ice, cold bottle cokes with Sugar & HFCS and a rinse of purified water between taste. EVERYONE - to a person - can taste a difference and all prefer the sugar! Nearly half of the people were very sceptical, and said it was in our heads. They said “I remember that taste”, and “WOW, that IS better!” [via YumSugar]

Update: Wal-Mart is Selling Mexican Coke Too