Cooking With Liberace!


Michael Procopio received Liberace's cookbook as a gag gift from friends but ended up actually liking it so much that he made sticky buns from his recipe: "It's still pretty amusing (you should see the photos of him with starlets mooning and drooling over his, um, cooking), but this feels like a real, personal cookbook. This man was in the kitchen a lot. These are dishes he actually made. These are recipes passed down from his mother, and we all know how much he loved his mother."

Liberace, not exactly known for his restraint, had seven dining areas in his house, each with a different theme—I wonder if he served his sticky buns in all of them?

The Liberace Museum sells copies of his 1970 cookbook Liberace Cooks from their website for $12.95, but for more fun you should probably buy Karan & Michael Feder's recently published cookbook Joy of Liberace, which goes for $16.50 on Amazon, and includes 80 recipes Liberace actually served on his tv show like Chicken à La King of Bling!, Flamboyant Flambé of Sirloin, Fruit, Fruitier, Fruitiest Salad plus lots of personal photos. The Feders were on NPR's All Things Considered just this Saturday to talk about the book, if you'd like to find out more.