Mix Every Drink From A Soda Fountain And You Get...?


My latest favorite question on Ask MetaFilter: "What do you call the drink that results from mixing a little bit of every drink in a fountain machine at a restaurant/similar establishment? If you have a specific name for it, where and when do you remember first hearing it?" Almost 150 responses so far, and the vast majority agree: it's called a Suicide.

If, like me, you've always wanted a soda fountain at home, you're in luck! The pipes of the internet being as amazing as they are, someone's already set up a comprehensive guide to setting up a home soda fountain, from what things you'll need to buy to how to purchase regular supplies of syrup! If you'd just like to experiment with mixing sodas, it turns out Burger King places drink recipes on their fountains; a Black & White is half Coke and half Sprite; a Black Gold is 1/4 Coke and 3/4 Dr Pepper.

Photograph from iStockPhoto.com