Chopped: Food Network Searches for Top Sous-Chefs

toque.jpg Bravo's uber-successful reality series/competition Top Chef will be airing its third season this summer, and I guess maybe the Food Network was feeling sad and unloved, so they put up an ad on Craigslist for their own version of the show: "Chopped, a Food Network cooking competition is currently casting sous-chefs, who want to test their culinary skills against those of other sous-chefs. The show begins with four competitors and ends with only one as the winner."

On Top Chef, competitors include sous-chefs, executive chefs (albeit ones from small restaurants), and people fresh from culinary school, so while it's nice that the competitors on Chopped will be getting more attention and respect, doesn't having a sous-chef-only competition imply that they're mostly not ready to play ball with the big boys? If Rachael Ray (who is not a chef at all) gets to go on Iron Chef America, I can name at least half a dozen amazingly talented sous-chefs who should get to compete, too. [via Eat for Victory]

N.B.: If you've always wondered what a sous-chef is, they're the kitchen's second-in-command. The sous-chef entry on Wikipedia has more, but basically they're William T. Riker to the chef's Jean-Luc Picard.