Fruit: A Risk vs Reward Analysis


My favorite blog post I've read so far this week is by far the a risk vs. reward analysis of fruit by Justin of Guardedly Optimistic. Here's what he has to say about the humble banana:

fruit: banana
risk: low
reward: moderate
analysis: Never a bad choice, the banana is the .290 hitter of fruit. When was the last time you had a surprisingly bad banana? Never, that’s when. More importantly, the banana offers the most easily interpreted warning signs in the fruit family: if it’s slightly green or covered in brown spots, you know you’re rolling the dice. You will most likely never eat a memorable banana, but for a low-risk fruit that pays out solid dividends, you can’t do better. If you don’t like surprises, the banana might be the fruit for you.

I think his analysis is spot on, except for that he forgets that you win no matter what state your banana is in; green ones you can curry, brown ones are even better because you can turn them into banana bread. Is any other fruit as versatile in its varying stages of ripeness? (Having said that, my favorite fruit by far is a Philippine mango. Clementines come in a distant second.)

[via MattBites]