Budino Is Italian For Pudding


Jenn Garbee, in the LA Times:

Technically, it's just pudding. But mention the word budino to an Italian chef and eyes light up, chattering hands dance through the air and unabashed creativity is unfurled.

"Budino is BUDINO! Its big flavor hits your palate at once, so pure it dissolves right on your tongue," says Nicola Mastronardi, chef at Vincenti. "Nothing else is in the way — just custard and concentrated flavor."

Garbee includes three budino recipes, including one for the much-heralded butterscotch budino (in photo at right) by pastry chef Dahlia Narvaez at Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza, that our head honcho Ed Levine says "will bring tears to your eyes because it is so rich and creamy and delicious."