Currywurst: The Best for Midnight Munchies

currywurst.jpgA piece in Saveur has a hilarious take on the origins of currywurst, the griddled pork sausage topped by a bizarre mix of ketchup and curry powder.

Lena Brucker, a street stall owner in postwar Hamburg, "tripped on a flight of stairs while carrying a carton of ketchup and a can of curry powder obtained on Hamburg's black market. Absentmindedly licking her fingers after cleaning up the mess, she discovered the two ingredients' delightful compatibility."

It sounds like the origins of fusion food in general. Where can Serious Eaters find the best currywurst in this country? I noticed that New Yorkers can get their currywurst fix at the Hallo Berlin cart and at the Hallo Berlin restaurant.

Hallo Berlin Cart
Address: 54th Street and Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10022

Hallo Berlin Restaurant
Address: 626 Tenth Avenue (44th/45th sts.), New York NY 10036
Phone: 212-977-1944