Gyoza Stadium

My favorite thing to have in stocked in the freezer is a big sack of Japanese pork-filled gyoza, which take about ten minutes to pan-fry and steam and taste delicious whether I'm eating them for lunch or a midnight snack. If you like gyoza, one of your long-term goals in life should be to visit Gyoza Stadium in Japan, an indoor space decorated like a Japanese town from the 1950s, the streets lined with small gyoza restaurants—each serving a different kind of gyoza from a different gyoza maker, some of the finest gyoza in all of Japan in one place.

Cabel Sasser says Gyoza Stadium is a food themepark, "basically an elaborately designed food court, otherwise known as the greatest thing ever invented by mankind. The trend has apparently caught on in Japan, and there are now quite a few. Why isn't there more of this in the rest of the world?" This is an idea I can get behind without reservation.

(You can read more about Gyoza Stadium in Metropolis Tokyo and rameniac.)