Why Would Anyone Want to Go to Every Starbucks in the World?

We don't know that there's an answer to this puzzling question, but the best place to look would be Starbucking, an indie documentary out on April 24th that follows a man named Winter as he attempts to visit every Starbucks-owned (non-franchise) Starbucks in the world.

The company opens an average of 10 new Starbucks-owned Starbucks a week, but Winter's already hit up over 6,000 since 1997. Can anyone do the math? Will he actually make it?

"My name is Winter. Only Winter. Past articles referring to a name other than Winter reflect inaccurate/imprecise reporting because they do not tell the whole story. Since most articles do not have space to tell the whole story, simply stick to this fact: my full legal name, as decreed by a judge in Texas, is Winter. Nothing else. Just Winter."

Sounds like he's had a little too much coffee?