Cooking Mama DS


If you're reading a food blog (like, say, this one) and you have a Nintendo DS, you're probably the target market for Majesco's Cooking Mama DS game, in which you use the DS stylus to prep and cook a multitude of yummy recipes in fun mini games, as dictated to you by the titular Mama.

One Amazon reviewer, on the gameplay: "When preparing a pan-fried fish, you'll have to go through the coating of the fish slices, the melting of the butter, the actual pan-frying and the arranging of the plate. Each process in turn involves different ways of doing things. Coating the fish slices, for example, requires you to drag your stylus in a left-right manner while touching the fish. Melting the butter requires you to rapidly drag the butter in a circular motion when it's on a hot plate. Pan-frying involves a "following the command on-screen" mini-game that requires you to perform whatever Mama tells you to, and so on." Sound like fun? MSRP is $19.99 at Amazon or your local game stores, if you're interested.

(Majesco was kind enough to have myself and Alaina Browne over to try out the game's sequel of sorts, Cooking Mama: Cook Off, which comes out in mid-April. We'll share our impressions with you on Friday, but for now all I'm going to say is "MUST PRE-ORDER.")