BBQ in DC: B & J

DCist on B & J North Carolina BBQ in LeDroit Park:

"Atmospheric this ain't. The food however, is on point. My friends and I opted to sop up Saturday night's alcohol with the signature pulled-pork sandwiches. The pork itself is excellent; it's chin-dribbling juicy, but ill-served by the floppy white bread that carries it (Or rather, whitish bread. I thought it was just white bread, but one of my companions thought she saw some wheat in there). Better to just eat the meat with your plastic fork. And be sure to squirt some of chef/owner Bobby Donaldson's homemade hot sauce on each bite; you can see the pepper flakes floating along in the flavored oil, and the taste is something else. The coleslaw, like everything in B & J, is made from scratch, and you get a creamy, peppery bite of cabbage to complement the mush that the bread turns your pork sandwich into. Donaldson also does a mac & cheese that could use a helping of salt but has a great savory crust. All three dishes—which is way more than you can eat—plus a cup of coffee, will set you back a mere nine dollars."