A Toast from Serious Eats

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all serious eaters by toasting our brand new website. Raise your glass now.

20061127Feat_Toast.jpgSomehow, you have found your way to Serious Eats, the inclusive, passionate, and discerning website for serious eaters. Here you’ll find fellow food lovers, great video, blogs we love, and reliable eating and cooking advice. We hope you’ll find that time spent on Serious Eats is satisfying and enjoyable.

We love eating something great and telling everyone we know about it. We love other people telling us about their own food discoveries. We love making great videos and empowering Serious Eats community members to shoot their own pictures and video to share. We love turning people on to great food wherever they are. We love hanging out with and getting to know all our fellow serious eaters.

So we would like to raise a glass to you. May all your burgers be cooked to temperature, your pizza crusts be light, pliant and chewy, and your french fries fresh, not frozen. May all our videos provide a respite from your busy day, may all your food and drink questions be reliably answered here, may you chew the fat with gusto on Serious Eats, may you always feel welcome on our site, and may all your interactions with fellow serious eaters be filled with pleasure and the joy of discovery.

Drink up!

Note: If you'd like to provide feedback, email us at [email protected].