First Annual Serious Eats Food Rorschach Test

Presenting the first annual Serious Eats Food Rorschach Test. Your answers will provide a window into your inner soul (food and otherwise). But unlike other (psychologists and psychiatrists) professionals who administer Rorschach tests, I have no way of interpreting the results. And since this is a self-administered Rorschach, you can interpret the results any way you see fit. If it's not too painful I would appreciate everyone who takes the test to share his or her results in any way you deem appropriate.

  • 1) Haggen Dasz or Ben & Jerry's?
  • 2) Skippy or Jif?
  • 3) Bagel or Bialy?
  • 4) Whipped or Regular Cream Cheese?
  • 5) Relish or Sauerkraut on your hot dogs?
  • 6) Milk or Dark Chocolate?
  • 7) Salted or Sweet Butter?
  • 8) Pastrami or Corned Beef on a Deli Sandwich?
  • 9) French Fries or Onion Rings?
  • 10) Espresso, Regular Coffee or Latte?
  • 11) Crispy or Pliant Bacon?
  • 12) White or Dark Meat (on either chicken or turkey)?

The only rule that will be strictly enforced is the no equivication rule. That is, you can't say that I like sweet butter on certain things, and salted butter on others, even if it's true. You must decide which is your over-all preference and vote accordingly.

I would also appreciate any suggestions about questions that should be on the next Food Rorschach test.

You may start the test any time.