Crisp or Pliant, How Do You Like Your Bacon?

I was at the Fairway Cafe yesterday eating a plate of overcooked scrambled eggs when I started stewing about the state of bacon there, and at most breakfast spots across this land. Much too often, the bacon served to us is suffering from BACON RIGORMORTIS. That is, it is so stiff it could be used as a straight edge ruler. Now I don't mind crisp bacon, though I prefer pliant, tender strips of pig with crisp edges. But stiff, cold or room-temperature bacon which has been cooked an hour or two before it's served simply doesn't cut it. Is it too much to ask when we cross over to the nutritional dark side to have bacon with a little give in it? I don't think so. Maybe I am in the minority. So I ask you, Ed Levine Eats readers, "How do you like your bacon, crisp and stiff or pliant and tender?" Bacon lovers want to know.