Where can I buy Stumptown or Blue Bottle beans?

FYI - in manhattan City Girl Cafe at 63 Thompson has beans.

Suggestions for Food Gifts

Yes, I'm thinking chocolate and coffee are my safest bets, but just wanted to see if I was missing something. My friend recently came back from Sweden and managed to smuggle in reindeer meat!

Where can I buy Stumptown or Blue Bottle beans?

thanks! i'm surprised no one carries them in manhattan. looks like i'm going to be making a little trip to bk.

Serious NYC Eats Recomendation: Indian Food?

My favorite place is Angon. Great food, much better decor than most places on curry row and nobody standing on the street trying to get you to come in. Try the tandoori chicken wings.

Suggestions for Food Gifts

I am going on a trip to Sweden to visit my girlfriends family. I am looking for suggestions for local NYC foodstuff to bring. I was thinking perhaps Jacque Torres chocolates? Maybe coffee? Suggestions gladly taken!

Where can I buy Stumptown or Blue Bottle beans?

I am looking for Stumptown, Blue Bottle or similar fancy coffee beans. I am going to visit my girlfriends family in Sweden and want to bring them treats from the US. I can't find the beans anywhere... I live near the East Village and work in Midtown. I need to get them by Friday! Thanks for your help!

Emergency Birthday Dinner Help: NYC Restaurant for Group of 25

I am planning a birthday party for my sister. We chose Frank, her favorite Italian place in the East Village. Unfortunately, they can only seat 20 people and it looks like we may have 25.

We are trying to find a similar place (i.e., fun, relatively cheap, conducive to a large party). And the hardest part, well we had a reservation for this Saturday at 9 p.m., so we need something at approximately the same time.

Suggestions please!

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