Hello! We are Zomick's and we are here on Serious eats! We believe in the internet social services and we enjoy food. So here we are!

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  • Location: New York
  • Favorite foods: Challah, bread, desserts
  • Last bite on earth: Apple & cinnamon bread

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This Week on Serious Eats: New York

I respectfully agree with you. A week with Zomick's and their delicious bread can be really something. Try to eat something new every week, like some completely kosher dedicates that they offer.

For more info, go to: Zomick's Bread Recipe

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Edouard Bourgeois's Downtown Brooklyn (and Surrounding Area)

Here is another advise for you: read this book if you want to know the secrets of the Jewish bread masters and to learn how to make a quality bread...

Send Your NYC Restaurant Questions to 'Ask the Critic'

How do Zomick's manage to create such a delicious challah bread? I mean, how hard can it be? Since it is a regular bread, made from known ingredients, and the recipe is pretty much the same, why is theirs more likable to my taste? It is even mass produced, so theoretically it should be on a lower level than my home-made challah bread.

Market Scene: All Kinds of Winter Squash at the Union Square Greenmarket

Great story here guys. I always love to see some galleries full with foodie images. For the rest of you, you must go to Zomick's Bakery and take care of your foodie needs there, by yourself. In fact, there you can find tons of delicious foods.

Behind the Scenes of a New York Food Event, a Vendy Volunteer's Story

I love volunteer stories like that. Vendy, you just melted my heart. Maybe it is this challah that I am eating in the moment, and it is damn good but hey, it is made by Zomicks.

Video: El Olomega, the Original Red Hook Pupuseria

Or, you can go to Zomick's, and try out their own version of the red hook pupuseria...

Here are some directions...

Great Passover ideas?

I personally am a chicken person. I could recommend you something with a chicken if you like, but it may not be kosher...