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12 of Our Favorite Food Movies

How about a list of favorite food scenes in movies? Many have been mentioned already like the famous one in Tom Jones and 5 Easy Pieces... I found some great ones here:

Book Corner: 7 Cookbooks with Great Veggie Dishes

I think Bill Sewell's 'Food from the Place Below' is still available on Amazon. Not new, but best, tastiest vegetarian dishes ever!

How to Find the Best Food in a Foreign City, According to Anthony Bourdain

Like @nycpunk1 I've found great places by asking taxi drivers, but you have to have a good command of a language in common to weed out the tourist traps and to persuade them that you really do want to eat where they do :)

I've also had great recommendations from SE when I'm in US. Wish I could find something as good for my native UK.

San Francisco food

Thanks to all of you for your recommendations. Keep them coming! I'll let you know which ones I managed to get to.

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Cooking?

Christmas 20 some odd years ago...
In the kitchen, an over-generous friend poured a whole glass of brandy over the pudding and lit it as I was carrying it to the table. Only trouble was, miles of corridor before I could put the dish down and flaming brandy slurping over the edge onto my wrist. I made it to the table - just. Ice water, bandages and pain, but no scar!

Where's the best place to buy prepared food?

Thanks so much. I've ended up at Zabar's (nearest) but will remember to try Westside and Fairway next trip.

Your food related book favorites?

I forgot to mention the wonderfully witty Lady Agnes Jekyll's 'Kitchen Essays'. She was a great society hostess who wrote food articles for The Times around the turn of the last century. I found a couple of audio readings here:

Your food related book favorites?

"Toast" by Nigel Slater is a wonderful picture of childhood and growing up in 1960s England told through food memories. I don't know if he's known in the US but he's a very popular food writer in UK.

Oolong: The Tea for Tea People

Here's a video about Gongfu cha and Tieguanyin tea from Xiamen in China. It shows what Barry Foy talks about above..

Food Poems

Some hae meat and canna eat
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat
And sae the Lord b thankit.

Robert Burns

How do you describe taste of mussels?

I eat mussels equally in England and New Zealand (far-flung family) and I've been trying to figure out the common ground between the small, intensely coloured and flavored ones from the north and the huge, soft, pale green-lipped southerners. Sweetness, softness combined with a bit of chew, and the merest hint of ocean. Actually, I think LunaPierCook's probably said it all.

Flavor combination magic

Judith klinger - fennel and rum? is that fennel bulb, flower, seed??

Beverages: Are you a Caf or Decaf?

I can only drink coffee before noon without suffering - rooibos tea is the answer. Let it brew for at least 4 minutes (or more) and you'll never notice the lack of caffeine.. loads of health benifits, antioxidants etc. but it taste great.

Flavor combination magic

almond butter and dill pickle I would never have thought of - can't wait to try

AGTV: Eggs Benedict Arnold

This is 100% entertainment. Thanks, Adam.

What's your favorite midnight snack?

Cold roast potatoes - if I'm lucky enough to have some in the fridge. Otherwise I second the cornflakes and milk option.

Better the next day

Jules, your cold roast chicken and mayo baguette is even better than my Christmas leftovers. Totally sublime!

Better the next day

Definitely leftover Christmas dinner (would that be Thanksgiving dinner in the US?). Bubble and squeak made with leftover roast spuds, veg and (essential) bread sauce, served with cold turkey and chestnut stuffing - knocks spots off the original hot meal. Cheers from your greatest UK fan!

Question of the Day: What do you eat at the ballpark?

Thanks, BaHa. I look forward to my first ballgame - but will probably pass on the Crackerjack!

Question of the Day: What do you eat at the ballpark?

As an English reader who's never been to a baseball game (yet!), I've never heard of Crackerjack. Could someone explain?

Sommelier To Go: Pairing Wine with Cheese

Perfectly balanced video - just like the cheese and wine - Joshua Wesson's got it just right. More!

Question of the Day: What movie has the best dinner scene?

How about that dinner in Soylent Green where they find some real wine and meat? No. 1 for me is Babette's Feast though.


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