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Strawberries and Cream Pavlova

Made this for Father's Day dinner desert. Everyone loved it.

Very Small Anna: Kumquat Tart

I'm going to have to try this.
I love kumquats! I never make anything with them though, I just eat them fresh, yum!

Staff Picks: What's Your Achilles Heel in the Kitchen?

Whipping egg whites. I always want a second opinion on what stage the peaks are at.

Choux pastry is a disaster for me.

But probably my worst is convincing myself to cook at all because it is just me I'm cooking for. I don't have room to cook larger batches and freeze them. When I do cook something for myself from scratch by the time it's done I don't want it any more.

Serious Entertaining: 'I'm Sick, Make Me My Dinner!'

@ Beanalicious1 - it sounds like you might enjoy one of the capsaicin nasal sprays :)

Key Lime Coins

Does this really need the egg yolk?
I have a coworker who is a non-ovo vegetarian and when I bring in treats I try to make sure it's something she can have too.

Pizza Protips: Yeast

A few years back I ran across a theory that the earliest yeast breads in Egypt may have come about due to the bread dough being kneeded with the bakers feet.
So glad for Fleischmanns...

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I would love to see a column or even a few posts on home made pet food.
I've often considered going that route for the Wrecking Crew (the three cats that own me) but I don't quite know where to start. My understanding is that, as obligate carnivores, feline nutrition is a bit trickier than canine.

Pizza Protips: Troubleshooting Dough

My dad's solution to a cold kitchen was always to run a few inches of warm (not hot) water in the sink and set the covered bowl with the dough in it to rise. Works well at my parents house because they have a double sink. In my apartment pizza dough rises in the bathtub.

Cranberry-Almond Biscotti

Why do cranberry almond biscotti call for pistachios and no almonds?

Halloween Traditions?

Hot salami sandwiches on rye bread or grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper before getting into costumes.

The first year I decided I was too old to trick or treat I dressed up anyway and took around a basket of full sized chocolate bars (thank Costco) to the neighbors and "reverse trick or treated" to say thanks for all the years of Halloween fun.

I always buy a few xl boxes of candy for the apartment building's lobby shell out - we get several hundred kids - lots of big apartment buildings, cheaper real estate, and a grade school in the neighborhood equals masses of kids :)

My parent's house however, where I usually spend the evening, is lucky to get a dozen kids... Their neighbourhood is mostly retired people now, but a few families with little kids have started to move in.

5 Ways to Spice Up Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet and spicy!
Soak them in brine and then toss with melted butter, sugar, cinnamon, cumin, cayenne pepper, ginger, nutmeg and cloves then into the oven.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Flavors of Ice Cream

My obsession for the past few years has been PC Loads of Chocolatey Peanut Butter Treats Ice Cream (a Canadian supermarket brand flavour) followed closely by their PC Cream First Ice Cream - Chocolate which is very close to what Bryer's All Natural used to taste like before they changed it to Breyer's Naturally Flavoured and screwed up the mouth feel with a load of texturizers to make it "creamier".

I search for them even in the middle of a Canadian winter.

What's Not OK To Eat For Breakfast?

I'm an anything for breakfast person.
Most often I have soup for breakfast (and to make it worse, it's hospital food). I love pizza and pasta for breakfast as well.
Oddly enough the one food I sometimes have problems with at that time of day is eggs - its a texture issue.

Classic Icebox Cake

This recipe has been made in my dad's family for so long it actually predates refrigeration - my grandmother started making it when they still had a real icebox!

It doesn't need to be made in a pan (we never have). Instead my mom covers a tray with plastic wrap and places her stacked rows on it, side by side, with a bit extra whipped cream spread along the hollows at the bottoms of the rows.

Once you have as many rows as you need to make the size cake you want (we usually use two boxes of cookies worth), then you cover the whole thing generously with whipped cream and put in the refrigerator for *at least* over night.

We've never frozen ours either.

The trick to getting the slices to look as good as the ones on the box is to cut the cake from the corners - the first slices will be triangular, after that, alternate the corners you cut from making evenly sized rectangular slices. In our family, we cut all four corners to start.

It truly is the most divine cake ever.

The Four High End Steaks You Should Know

I'm afraid I have to disagree, the tenderloin is perfect if you like your meat cooked
blue or rare. Blue isn't cooked long enough to melt the fat in the other cuts.

A cute comic strip

Thank you! I think I have a new comic to add to my favourites.

William-Sonoma gift card.

It won't make much of a dent in your gift card balance but I highly recommend the Littledeer Wooden Pot Scoop. Best mixing/stirring utensil EVER. I bought mine directly from Mr. Littledeer at a craft show in Toronto years ago. I do't know what I would do with out it.

Trust me... You want one

Hangover Helper, Thanksgiving Leftovers Edition: Kentucky Hot Browns

Hello, Boxing Day brunch!
Is there room for a little shredded cheese on top?

Equipment: Essential Pumpkin Carving Toolkit

oh, and if I'm going to be carving over several days or want the pumpkin to last for a while, I wipe the inside & cut surfaces with bleach on a paper towel which helps prevent spoilage & I put a few dry paper towels in the bottom of the pumpkin to absorb any excess moisture & leave the lid off (wrap the lid in plastic wrap so it stays fresh & put it in the refrigerator). Mould & rot are far worse than shriveling.

Equipment: Essential Pumpkin Carving Toolkit

I've won the pumpkin carving contest at work for the last 5 years.
My kit contains:
- a regular key hole saw for cutting the lid/bottom of the pumpkin
- a metal pumpkin scraper - don't know who makes it but it's great - I don't just scoop out the seeds and goo I scrape down the flesh to create thinner, easier to carve walls
- a dremel pumpkin carving tool - this is a much faster way to transfer your pattern than pins, needles, hole pokers or even a pouncing wheel
just glue the pattern/picture to the pumpkin and carve right through it
don't forget extra batteries!
- spray adhesive - see above
- for carving completely through the pumpkin I really like the carving saws from Lee Valley Tools - much better than Pumpkinmasters
- for carving into but not through the flesh I use the dremel and a set of Speedball lino cutters for detail work
- Ikea Hemma hanging lamp cord & compact florescent bulb for my light source - far better than a candle - also helps to put the light into the pumpkin while you are carving it if you are not carving completely through the pumpkin

Everything You Need to Know About Carving a Pumpkin

@JustinH - sharpie will wipe off easily with a bit of rubbing alcohol - just make sure it's dried before you light a candle near the pumpkin

How to Plan for Holiday Cocktail Parties

If you were mixing outside why didn't you use your hose to rince out the shaker and just dump it in the grass/garden somewhere out of the way?