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Video: How to Make a Japanese Gummy Hamburger

Oh, this reminds me of the neruneru nerune from my childhood. Fun, but not so delicious.

10 Must-Try Sweets in Honolulu

Yes! The pudding shave ice with mochi balls at Ice Garden is truly a work of art. Have you tried the lilikoi shave ice at Uncle Clay's? Best lilikoi shave ice I've had so far.

Fun, not ridiculously expensive pre/post drunk meal in DC

If you're willing to take Metro into Virginia, most people agree that Ray's Hell Burger is better than 5 Guys. Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan is pretty good and cheap. Julia's Empanadas are super cheap. Matchbox is good for pizza and not too bad.

You should check out the Washingtonian Magazine's Cheap Eats for some other inexpensive ideas - Blue Duck Tavern is pricey. The Mall area in general isn't the best place for food.

Semi-Copy of Beef Bowl?

Haven't been to Yoshinoya in a really long time, but there are lots of basic gyudon (beef bowl) recipes floating out there. I think the Cooking with Dog recipe looks pretty good.

Baltimore- must haves?

I have sadly never been, but everyone I know raves about Big Bad Wolf barbecue. Down at Fell's Point, Pitango makes some pretty awesome gelato. Mr. Yogato is kitschy but fun, and they have an old NES so you can relive your childhood. Blue Moon Cafe is pretty good but the wait is always really long and not necessarily worth it. A friend thinks Faidley's makes the best crab cakes in Baltimore, but I haven't had them. Timbuktu is pretty popular as well.

Spicy refrigerator pickle recipe help needed!

You could make a quick Korean-esque cucumber pickle with cucumbers, salt, and chili flakes.

Or you can try oi sobagi (cucumber kimchi). A little more labor intensive but really tasty. There are lots of recipes online but I love watching this lady's crazy knife skills.

Famous people, famous food quotes

When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmmm boy.

Jack Handey

Sushi Week Part 2: How to Make Makizushi (Sushi Rolls)

My grandmother makes lots of kappa maki, kanpyou maki, nattou maki, oshinko maki, or Hawaiian style futo maki for various gatherings. My favorites were always the kappa maki or negitoro maki.

What to do with 7 Mangos ???

I vote for mango sorbet. Or if you want something different, mango with sticky rice. Or mango slaw might be good too.

Pretty Pie Crust

Are you talking about the braid or the twisting rope thing? If it is the braid, I think Martini Me is right and you just add it on top.

I found this site and it seems like the method for making the rope isn't too difficult, although I've only tried the fluted edge and fork crimps myself.

An Introduction to Karē-Raisu, Japanese Curry Rice

@jvwalt, Vermont curry has apples and honey in the roux to give it a fruity flavor, so I guess apples = Vermont.

I love hayashi raisu and cream stew as well. I'm interested in making any of those without the roux blocks (and the associated palm oil). Looking forward to that post!

Sunday Brunch: Brown Sugar Breakfast Cakelets

I found the mini cakes to be pleasantly not-too-sweet and a good alternative to shortcake. Although that was as dessert and not breakfast.

Got a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker: What shall I make?

Dulce de leche ice cream!

This is one of the few non-custard ones that I have found to retain a good consistency. The non-custard based recipes tend to get too hard/icy after about a day or two in the freezer. Lebovitz has quite a few ice cream making tips on his website also.

Meet & Eat: Faye Leong, Serious Eats Intern

I'm kind of paranoid that I'll go to Shopsins somehow do something to merit getting yelled at and kicked out. But maybe I should risk it the next time I'm in NYC - sounds like it could be worth it.

Knife Skills: How to Prep a Cucumber

Oh yeah, shiozuke cucumbers or quick cucumber kimchi is awesome. I prefer the Japanese/Persian cucumbers if I can find them. No seeds, thin skin, and super crunchy.

Momofuku Milk Bar - give us our CAKE SLICES back!

This makes me kind of sad since I liked being able to share a bunch of different slices among a group. Not that I can go very often.

I can understand the sentiment though. I think many people are adverse to getting a piece of an already sliced cake/pie (it's going to be dry! how long has it been sitting there?).

Dear Slice: 'I Had Pizza with Caleb (Flagstaff Forno)'

I love that one of the tags is "pizza awesomeness".

If memory serves me correctly:

Upper left: Prosciutto, arugula, and goat cheese. Or else it was with mascaropone - there were two similar pies.
Upper right: Pizza Margherita.
Lower left: Shaved asparagus (inspired by the prior Top This post about Co.'s shaved asparagus pizza)
Lower right: Sliced potato, local pinyons, gorgonzola.

One of the pies had pistachios, but now I can't recall which one that was. Maybe not pictured.

Seriously Asian: Natto

My father and sister can't get enough natto while my mom and I aren't so crazy about it.

There was a segment on a Japanese tv show (D no Arashi maybe?) where they tested the flavor after X number of stirs to determine the optimum flavor. I don't remember the results, but after a while they said it started to taste like peanut butter.

How to Quick Pickle

I've been making quick carrot pickles occasionally since reading about it on Smitten Kitchen - the brine looks similar to this one. Really delicious and really easy.

KYOTO, JAPAN on a budget...

Can't give personal recommendations, but have you checked Kyoto Foodie?

I know he's done profiles of Kyoto restaurants, although I can't recall if he listed prices.

And there is nothing wrong with MOS burger. I love that kinpira rice burger.

The Nasty Bits: Lamb's Head

I have a whole freezer worth of pig's and lamb's heads and I'm just going to sit there and wait for the perfect man to materialize from thin air? What silliness.

Best line ever.

Snapshots From Honolulu: Shave Ice from Waiola

@Jenacide: YES! Shimazu's >>>>>>> Waiola.

@Robyn: Waiola seems to often leave you with unsyruped cone/cup bottoms. Maybe not the case for bowls. Last time I had Waiola it was watery and the syrup didn't have much taste, but I admit that the lilikoi cream is amazing.

I'm also partial to Ice Garden for the custard shave ice with mochi balls and Island Snow in Kailua.

Korean Shingo Pears - what do I do with them?

You know, they make a pretty tasty smoothie with some yogurt and honey. I've seen some Asian pear frozen yogurt recipes floating around the interweb that sounds pretty good.