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White Sauce Can't Clump: How to Make Smooth, Silky BĂ©chamel

I use cornstarch. Find its better. From Kenji here:

If adding cheese do not use shredded as it will come out gritty because it has stuff to make the cheese not clump.

So Hot Right Now: 11 Chilies You Should Know

Urfa peppers are awesome. Earthy, almost a flavor of dirt. They're dried in the sun by day, then wrapped in towels and sweated by night.

Ghost Pepper is my favorite pepper in the world! Great smoky flavor. Enhances everything I put it in. This one place makes a Ghost Pepper Salt that has chocolate in it. But you don't really taste the chocolate. It doesn't take away from the heat, but it makes it more enjoyable.

I've actually been eating so much Ghost Pepper that I've become immune to lesser peppers. My friend went out to dinner with me and a Jalapeno made his lips burn. I ate it and didn't taste anything. I went to a Mongolian Buffet a put a whole cup of hot chili oil on my food. I didn't taste any heat.

Two-Minute Mayonnaise

Making this with cold egg yolk vs room temperature doesn't matter if you ask me. Mine always comes out perfect.

I just want to know.. can I use bacon fat instead of oil somehow in this stick blender recipe?

The Comfort Food Diaries: English Muffins, My Saving Grace

I had a teacher in high school that came from England. Before coming to America he's never heard of an English Muffin before.

English Muffins are fantastic though. Your article is making me buy English Muffins tomorrow!

Making just plain old bread pizza is fine with me too. I don't even need pizza sauce. Just some tomato paste, some Italian spices, some black pepper, and cheese of some sort.

No-Cook Blender Tomato Soup

Okay, the difference probably is that the Ninja blender can't run for four minutes at a time. Thermal protection activates and you need to wait to use it again. I read up to 15 minutes.

Anyway the soup isn't very good tasting. Tastes like pureed onion and tomato. Not very tasty. Salt doesn't help.

No-Cook Blender Tomato Soup

I know olive oil has flavor, but can one substitute another oil? I just used all my olive oil a few days ago. I have avocado oil, vegetable, canola, and corn in the house.

No-Cook Blender Tomato Soup

The list of high end blenders say "those with a peak horsepower of two or higher—don't come cheap. The most inexpensive models will cost you around $400." -- then why does my Ninja blender cost $199 and lists a peak horsepower of 2?

But I am also curious about the olive oil and the post someone brought up. I remember that post. I also remember putting olive oil in the blender before and it comes out tasting "funky". I actually threw the jar of olive oil out thinking something was wrong with it.

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

Flying Goose is my new favorite sriracha. It's hard to find, though. I've love to try all their flavors.. especially Extra Garlic and Super Hot, but I definitely want to try them all.

French-Style Soft, Spoonable Scrambled Eggs

I thought these were fantastic. I was in the mood for a runny egg and well this is not only a runny yolk, but the whole egg is. The first time I made double the size, they came out perfect. The second time I made the exact recipe.. they came out more soupy.. maybe I had the heat too low?

Anyway, the second time it didn't matter because I had a great idea of what else to do with this.. make Avegolemono Soup (egg lemon soup). Traditionally I guess it's made with just egg yolks, but I used this recipe. Here's why it works so well.. to make avegolemono soup I would whisk together my egg yolks, lemon, salt, and pepper, and then add a tiny bit of hot chicken broth.. slowly.. adding too much caused eggs to form/cook. This method was a pain in the butt.

This recipe made the soup a lot easier.. in one pot I was heating chicken broth.. in another pot making this recipe. When this recipe was done I just added it to the chicken broth and there was no worry about mistakenly making eggs.

Two-Minute Mayonnaise

Is king_cucaracha correct? More salt and more vinegar makes a thicker mayo? How does adding more liquid make something thicker?

Anyway, I only came here looking for an answer.. because I always make this mayo and it's fantastic as is, but I wanted to experiment with a different thickness. I was originally going to put a tad less oil, but worried the emulsion wouldn't work.

How I Got My Degree From Hot Dog University

I've heard of this for a long time being a member over on and talking in the hot dog forum, but this is the first real story I've read about it. Thanks!

The Food Lab: Homemade Greek-American Lamb Gyros

You know, this is a fantastic recipe.

I used 100% lamb. I forgot your remarks about bacon and left it out. Next time I am going to try it with a beef/lamb/pork mixture, since it's about the same price in the supermarket. They label it as meatloaf mix.

I think it needed more salt. Maybe that's a personal thing. You are right, though, not a lot of juices leaked out. I had let mine rest overnight.

I wanted to add marjoram and rosemary, but didn't want to spend the money on overpriced, small sized, supermarket brands, and the place where I buy my spices is closer to my work office than my home. So, I added Bell's turkey seasoning. It's got rosemary, oregano, sage, ginger, marjoram, thyme, and pepper.

I also added 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1.

The only thing is.. it took longer than 30 minutes to reach 165 degrees internally. Maybe it's because I made my loaf longer.

I tasted mine and it's fantastic. Except I'll be adding more salt next time. Not much more, maybe 1/2 tsp more.

You can see pics here:

I cut them thicker because I didn't have a sharp knife. Texture was awesome. Tomorrow just before lunch I'll broil them.

If I ever purchase a food truck like I want, this would definitely be on the menu. I want to start a hot dog truck, so maybe I could get molds and make my own gyro dogs.

Does Pre-Salting Make for Tougher Scrambled Eggs and Omelets?

I liked this post. I don't often think before I start cooking eggs. I just set the pan on, fry up some potatoes and spices, then fry the eggs in the same pan. Meanwhile the pot is too hot and this post tells me I need to slow down to make fluffier eggs.

4 Close-Up, High-Def, Insanely Awesome Shooter's-Style Sandwiches

The pictures were fantastic. I've made sandwiches like this with less layers and everyone loved them.

My first sandwich had some kind of sun dried tomato bread. In the bottom I shoved fried onions, salami, provolone, roasted sweet red peppers, and Ajvar (pepper spread).

The next time I did one with goat cheese, jezebel spread (apricot jam, horseradish, and mustard).

Don't Like Deep Frying At Home? Try the Philips AirFryer, a Convection Oven on Steroids

Sounds like a great idea, but the price vs. how much I'll actually use it is what would hold me back. Those fries do seem like work to make them.

I'd like to see someone to a review on the Quick N Crisp (I think that's the name). It's a grease less deep fryer, but it's like $1500. I don't know of any bars that have one.

How the Heck Does One Report Spam on this Site??

I reported one just now.. I sent it to support@.. but here:

On this page:

Scroll down to Krystyna88 -- they're spamming houses for sale

My special hot dog available this month only..

Well, Hot Diggity already did a Greek Dog. So, one of the original ideas was to wrap the hot dog in falafel and fry it.. looked awesome, but the flavor of the falafel was lost because it got overpowered by the dog. So, my idea and stuff I was talking about kind of shared an Israeli theme.

My special hot dog available this month only..

I forget how to add pictures to a topic they never show up for me.. here you go:

Israeli Dog

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

PS - While I love that Sriracha, the top on it SUUUCKS. Large hole and it gets very messy all over the top.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

Uno's Potato Skin pizza is great. Reggio's was terrible. Average pizza. I found it (not deep dish) in Aldi here in New Jersey. The only thing Red Baron is good for, get them in the $1 store and use them as hamburger buns.

Hollendaise Sauce

It's actually not bad. It's not as lemony as I think it should be. I think in the 2 or 3 days since I heard about it, I've had 4 of them minus the ham since I don't like ham.

It's a little thick, but still dripped on my shirt while driving. That's when I hoped for what I really thought it was.. built in flavor (no mess).

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

I found a new favorite!

First off, someone recommended me Thai and True Sarachee. It was very hot and I didn't totally like the flavor. I like hot food, but on it's own I didn't care for this sauce. I also ordered from the website I posted above, the Bee Free Honee and Thai and True Curry Paste. Both were AWESOME. The curry paste is the closest I find to what I get in a thai restaurant.

But back to the Sriracha. Texas Pete makes "Cha!" now. From the different sriracha's I've tasted I find it the most flavorful. If you shake it up, I also found it to be hotter than some other brands I have had.

I haven't tried all the brands in this taste test, but as of right now this is my new favorite.


Recipe for pickled sausage?

Thanks! I had Googled once a long time ago, but turned up with nothing. That looks good. If you don't like vinegar you won't like these. My friend won't let me eat them in the car they smell so bad he says and the single packages is full of liquid, so it gets all over your hands.


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