Two-Minute Mayonnaise

Is king_cucaracha correct? More salt and more vinegar makes a thicker mayo? How does adding more liquid make something thicker?

Anyway, I only came here looking for an answer.. because I always make this mayo and it's fantastic as is, but I wanted to experiment with a different thickness. I was originally going to put a tad less oil, but worried the emulsion wouldn't work.

How I Got My Degree From Hot Dog University

I've heard of this for a long time being a member over on and talking in the hot dog forum, but this is the first real story I've read about it. Thanks!

The Food Lab: Homemade Greek-American Lamb Gyros

You know, this is a fantastic recipe.

I used 100% lamb. I forgot your remarks about bacon and left it out. Next time I am going to try it with a beef/lamb/pork mixture, since it's about the same price in the supermarket. They label it as meatloaf mix.

I think it needed more salt. Maybe that's a personal thing. You are right, though, not a lot of juices leaked out. I had let mine rest overnight.

I wanted to add marjoram and rosemary, but didn't want to spend the money on overpriced, small sized, supermarket brands, and the place where I buy my spices is closer to my work office than my home. So, I added Bell's turkey seasoning. It's got rosemary, oregano, sage, ginger, marjoram, thyme, and pepper.

I also added 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1.

The only thing is.. it took longer than 30 minutes to reach 165 degrees internally. Maybe it's because I made my loaf longer.

I tasted mine and it's fantastic. Except I'll be adding more salt next time. Not much more, maybe 1/2 tsp more.

You can see pics here:

I cut them thicker because I didn't have a sharp knife. Texture was awesome. Tomorrow just before lunch I'll broil them.

If I ever purchase a food truck like I want, this would definitely be on the menu. I want to start a hot dog truck, so maybe I could get molds and make my own gyro dogs.

Does Pre-Salting Make for Tougher Scrambled Eggs and Omelets?

I liked this post. I don't often think before I start cooking eggs. I just set the pan on, fry up some potatoes and spices, then fry the eggs in the same pan. Meanwhile the pot is too hot and this post tells me I need to slow down to make fluffier eggs.

4 Close-Up, High-Def, Insanely Awesome Shooter's-Style Sandwiches

The pictures were fantastic. I've made sandwiches like this with less layers and everyone loved them.

My first sandwich had some kind of sun dried tomato bread. In the bottom I shoved fried onions, salami, provolone, roasted sweet red peppers, and Ajvar (pepper spread).

The next time I did one with goat cheese, jezebel spread (apricot jam, horseradish, and mustard).

Don't Like Deep Frying At Home? Try the Philips AirFryer, a Convection Oven on Steroids

Sounds like a great idea, but the price vs. how much I'll actually use it is what would hold me back. Those fries do seem like work to make them.

I'd like to see someone to a review on the Quick N Crisp (I think that's the name). It's a grease less deep fryer, but it's like $1500. I don't know of any bars that have one.

How the Heck Does One Report Spam on this Site??

I reported one just now.. I sent it to support@.. but here:

On this page:

Scroll down to Krystyna88 -- they're spamming houses for sale

My special hot dog available this month only..

Well, Hot Diggity already did a Greek Dog. So, one of the original ideas was to wrap the hot dog in falafel and fry it.. looked awesome, but the flavor of the falafel was lost because it got overpowered by the dog. So, my idea and stuff I was talking about kind of shared an Israeli theme.

My special hot dog available this month only..

I forget how to add pictures to a topic they never show up for me.. here you go:

Israeli Dog

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

PS - While I love that Sriracha, the top on it SUUUCKS. Large hole and it gets very messy all over the top.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

Uno's Potato Skin pizza is great. Reggio's was terrible. Average pizza. I found it (not deep dish) in Aldi here in New Jersey. The only thing Red Baron is good for, get them in the $1 store and use them as hamburger buns.

Hollendaise Sauce

It's actually not bad. It's not as lemony as I think it should be. I think in the 2 or 3 days since I heard about it, I've had 4 of them minus the ham since I don't like ham.

It's a little thick, but still dripped on my shirt while driving. That's when I hoped for what I really thought it was.. built in flavor (no mess).

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

Bah crap.. I always forget the code for doing images here.

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

I found a new favorite!

First off, someone recommended me Thai and True Sarachee. It was very hot and I didn't totally like the flavor. I like hot food, but on it's own I didn't care for this sauce. I also ordered from the website I posted above, the Bee Free Honee and Thai and True Curry Paste. Both were AWESOME. The curry paste is the closest I find to what I get in a thai restaurant.

But back to the Sriracha. Texas Pete makes "Cha!" now. From the different sriracha's I've tasted I find it the most flavorful. If you shake it up, I also found it to be hotter than some other brands I have had.

I haven't tried all the brands in this taste test, but as of right now this is my new favorite.


Recipe for pickled sausage?

Thanks! I had Googled once a long time ago, but turned up with nothing. That looks good. If you don't like vinegar you won't like these. My friend won't let me eat them in the car they smell so bad he says and the single packages is full of liquid, so it gets all over your hands.

Jerky Bar?

I make my own jerky out of ground beef. When I brought it to work they said it was the best they ever tasted. I take mine out and baste it every hour. It takes longer to dry, but in the end it's worth it. They come out sticky like ribs, but the flavor is amazing.

My Pie Monday: Kimchi, Pickled Grapes, Barbecue Chicken, and More!

Pizzas are looking great.

@okaru: Thanks! Will try making them this weekend! Do you ever eat Indian pickle? I went to the Indian grocery store and bought some pickle masala.. spice ready to go. I had made grape awhile ago and also tomato. Just mixed with oil, pickle masala, and let sit in a jar.

How to Make Chili Oil?

Has anyone tried anything like this, but using some kind of mexican chili? I'd like to try a Ghost Pepper oil. How about Urfa Pepper? These are from Turkey I belive. They're dried in the sun, and then wrapped in a towel and sweated which gives them a really earthy flavor. It's not hot, but I'm thinking might make a nice flavored oil.

Recipe for dinner using Honeybell Oranges

I ended up making Orange Tomato Soup. I can't totally give you a recipe, because I Googled one and did a combination of that and I got lazy and did Campbell's. It had cumin, onions, bay leaves, and orange in it.

My Pie Monday: Kimchi, Pickled Grapes, Barbecue Chicken, and More!

I want the recipe for "quick pickled, very spicy grapes"!!

Old Pizza Memories

When I was younger I drove my bicycle up to get a pizza. I paid for the pizza, hopped on my bike, and the pizza falls to the ground in the parking lot. The owner gave me a new pizza at no charge. I always felt bad and wanted to give him money back, but it's been like 30 years and I know he wouldn't remember the incident.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I love the color of that cat.

Chain Reaction: Taco Bell's New Triple Steak Stack and Cantina Double Steak Quesadilla

I had a Triple Steak Stack and it was nasty. Just a thick flat bread with meat and cheese. Nothing else. Did not taste very good.

Has anyone had ground beef that kind of taste like throw up? I think it's the ground beef anyway. On a few occasions, I got something with ground beef. One time it tasted so bad I had to spit it out on the seat of my car where the Taco Bell bag was thankfully.. I think I missed some. I was driving and needed it out of my mouth pronto before I threw up. I think I was eating one of those portable Nachos, which is just seasoned beef, tortilla strips, nacho cheese, and sour cream.

I seem to remember having a bad tasting beef product another time as well.

Fast Food Chicken Dippin' Sauce Showdown: Popeye's Vs. McDonald's Vs. Burger King

Wendy's Honey Mustard is the best, but you should have had Chic-Fil-A on the list.. their Polynesian sauce rocks and so do their popcorn chicken.

Reality Check: We Try Subway's New Sriracha Steak and Chicken Melts

I'm not a fan of Subway, but $2 six inch subs all december was nice.. $4 for a footlong.. either italian meats or meatball.. really good price. I kept getting meatball with sriracha. I love the sauce!

Like the texture of stone ground mustard, but love peanut butter

I came across this by accident and I must say it looks pretty tasty.. it's a peanut butter type product, but ground differently:

I'm a pledger. I don't think they'll reach their goal, but I'm definitely keeping an eye on them. I think they will start some kind of mailing list to keep people informed when their website is open for business.

My special hot dog available this month only..

I gave Keith at Hot Diggity in Philadelphia some ideas for a dog and one of them found it's way to their menu this month.

Israeli Dog

All beef Sabrett's topped with Fresh Cucumber, Smoked Eggplant Relish, Spicy Pepper Sauce, Mint Yogurt Sauce, and Sumac on a Liscio's bun. Also available with a Veggie or Vegan Dog.

It's also going to be drawn by artist Hawk Krall.

The Hot Diggity is located on South Street in Phildadelphia. See their website here:

Hollendaise Sauce

Dunkin Donuts introduced an Eggs Benedict sandwich. It's got the hollendaise taste right in it so the commercial says. Actually it's on top of the egg. But anyway, that got me thinking.

I'm wondering what their guidelines are for storing hollendaise sauce. Reading the web I see that hollendaise sauce should be used within 3 to 4 hours. Is there a hollendaise sauce recipe that keeps longer? Or are corporations just pumping in some product that us normal people don't have access to? Trader Joes makes a hollendaise sauce.

My ideas were as follows:

1 - Someone should make a hollendaise flavored bagel. This is what the Dunkin commercial led me to believe I was getting.. flavor "in" rather than "on".. I was figuring it'd be less messy. They already make egg bagels, so I don't see why they can't make a hollendaise flavored bagel.

2 - Someone should invent hollendaise sauce slices.. sort of like topping a burger with a slice of cheese.. same thing. I'd totally buy those. I wonder if I can make them.

Recipe for pickled sausage?

I got a jar of pickled sausage in the store.. Hannah's Red Hot:


It's not hot. Is there any recipes out there to make my own?

Recipe for dinner using Honeybell Oranges

These are only available for a short time each year, January. They're not really oranges, they're a hybrid of a tangerine and a grapefruit. Sweeter than any orange grown.

I don't like chicken. What else could I make for dinner using the oranges?

Cheese like brie without the rind?

I hate the rind on brie. Is there a similar cheese without a rind? Or does someone sell one with a rind already cut off?

Today I made some grilled cheese.. I had triple creme brie, sourdough bread, and peach chipotle jam.

Where to buy Ndjua in New Jersey or Philly?

I am about an hour away from Philly. Can someone direct me to a place that has Ndjua? I'd like to go buy some for guests coming over after Christmas.

I do mean Nduja, not Endouille (spelling?):

What are some side dishes I can make in advance?

I picked up a Tur-duc-hen roll.. 4 pounds. I'm having some guests over after Christmas.

What are some side dishes I can make a few hours in advance and just heat up?

How about creamed spinach? I was thinking of this recipe.. it's alright, but nothing super special, I just happen to like creamed spinach:

What are a few other things I can prepare in advance?

This week on Shawn Eats I try Hormel's Chili "Cook-Off" Series

They have five flavors:

White Chicken
Chipotle Chicken
Roasted Tomato
Southwest Style
and Texas-Brand

I don't like chicken, so I'm trying Roasted Tomato.

Upon opening the can it smells like Hormel. I should have known better than to buy this.

After heating and tasting it, it's as if they had a chili cook off where the secret ingredient was Hormel Chili. Tastes just like Hormel with some added tomato / spice.

I'm done. I would not recommend this crap to anyone.

Something similar to Sriracha, but hotter?

Is there any product with a similar flavor profile, but maybe hotter than sriracha?

I ran out of that red rooster huy fong brand, so I got some crying tiger from the dollar store.

It says "sriracha hot chili sauce" but as I eat it, I realize sriracha isn't hot. My nose doesn't even run or anything. It's just really tasty.

What to do with spiced coconut vinegar from the Asian store?

This isn't my picture:


But it is the exact brand I bought. I opened it when I got home.. strong smell and taste. Made with fermented coconuts.. it seems more vinegary than regular vinegar. It says extra hot, but I didn't think so. I dumped some in with ground beef after it browned, then made chili.

What else do I make with it?

Making clarified butter, can I re-make it and will it stay?

I didn't really know how to word my topic. I have a recipe I want to make for spiced clarified butter. You cook regular butter with spices and keep taking the foam off the top, about 30 minutes total. Afterwards you strain it and it'll save for a couple months or longer in the freezer.

Can I buy already clarified butter (Ghee from the Indian store), cook it with my spices (either in a pouch or strain it afterwards) and will I still be able to store that in the fridge for a month or two?

I wanted to do this, because I've never made clarified butter before. I didn't want to screw it up, and honestly don't want to do the work of taking off all the foam.

Substitution for Injeera bread?

I went on vacation and had Ethopian food over the weekend. It was amazing!

I am going to try cooking some stuff, but I'm wondering if there's something similar to Injeera bread that I don't have to make from scratch? Something I can just heat up? Maybe something from an Indian store like Uttapam?

Some kind of dish with fish and mashed potatoes?

Let's get it out of the way. I don't like any seafood.

Anyway, My Cousin could not remember the name. He said there's this Italian dish that starts with a B possibly.

It was smoked salmon (or was it Cod? I can't remember what he said). It sits around in salt, you keep rinsing it off. Then it's put in milk for some time. It's combined with mashed potatoes and maybe some cream, maybe some spices?, eaten as an appetizer. You can spread it on bread.

He says you wouldn't even know there's fish in it.

Does anyone know the name of this dish?

Anyone have a recipe similar to Tiki Pork Starter?

Williams Sonoma used to sell this:

It was fantastic! I used to make nachos with it putting it into ground beef, layering my nachos in single serve oven safe bowls, and heating everything up. I can't really describe it, other than it was smokey and sweet as the picture shows.

What recipe should I be looking up on the internet to find something similar where I can use the ingredients for the sauce. It wasn't exactly a sweet and sour meatball recipe type of taste.

Rutger's Tomato Tasting

I'm sorry I should have took more pictures and tried to get it into a slideshow for Serious Eats, maybe next year, but I did want to share my experience with you.

Each year Rutger's College has a tomato tasting event. It's AT Snyder Farm which is up in Pittstown, NJ. For me it was a 1.5 hour drive north.. out past Flemington.. near Frenchtown, etc.

The cost to get in was $7 and it's all you can eat! This year I got to sample about 120 kinds of tomatoes.

My family is big on Jersey Tomatoes. Most of us have a tomato sandwich daily... mayo, salt and pepper.. nothing else.

Arriving at the tomato festival we parked in a field. The event was from 3pm to 8pm. You can arrive at any time. You walk through some impressive looking corn to get to the area where the tents are setup. Each tent had something different under it. I'll describe the tents in the order we went.

Our first stop was Grape Tomatoes. I believe they had 6 or 8 varieties. They wanted us to taste each one and rate them on different attributes. This was one of two tents where they asked your feedback on paper.

Our second stop was more Grape Tomatoes. There were a lot more here to try than the first tent. Maybe 12 or 16 types.

Next up were two tents of medium slicing tomatoes.

We then went to a chef demonstration. They basically had tomatoes, watermelon, basil, and goat cheese all together. Loved it! I'd have gladly sat there and stuffed my face, but we had more tomatoes to try. Not really a chef demonstration. They just handed us a little cup with food and a fancy fork and we moved on. Doesn't take a chef to slice a few items.

Curry Potato Soup

I have a few cans of thai curry paste at home. I searched for a recipe for curry potato soup and all I come up with is sweet potato.

Two question:

1 - I assume it'll taste okay with regular potato soup?

2 - Would you throw in some bacon bits as garnish or you think no good?

Bread Roll Ups

I found this recipe and they look fantastic.. so easy to make.. cut the crust off white bread, roll them out and stuff them. I'm going to try them this weekend, but in the future I'm also going to try other fillings.. Avocado, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato? Egg Salad? Sloppy Joe? Hot dogs and beans?

How to thin mole?

I have a jar of not ready to use Mole from Dona Maria. On their website I see they have ready to made packets, but I've never seen them in stores.

So, anyway it comes out in clumps. What do I do to thin it out for use? I mixed some with chili that I cooked for about 45 minutes, but no luck. When the chili was done, I still had some big lumps.

I had browned the beef, added my onions, tomatoes, water, spices, and mole and cooked for about 45 minutes.

Maybe instead of adding water to the chili, I add boiling water to the mole, then add all that to the chili?

I wish you had a mail order or retail store..

You guys have some "serious"ly great posts. All this talk about spicy ramen that's actually spicy and weird ramen flavors makes me think you should have a store of some sort. Be it just online mail order or retail.

I buy some stuff from J-List sometimes, but they only carry Japanese stuff and not much of a selection.

Would be nice to see more than just say a British food store, or a Spanish grocer, or an Asian Supermarket, but a worldly store all in one place.

Spicy Hot Tomato Oil

I was in Wegman's today and saw the words from a distance "spicy hot tomato" all three things I like. I had to buy one.. actually I got one to also send my Mom in Hawaii. I'm lucky to have seen it as I was in a rush. I only get 30 minutes for a lunch break.

I brought my find back to the office to show my co-workers. The jar kept taunting me to open it. Try me on a plastic spoon or a cracker it whispered. It even followed me when I went to the bathroom. Okay so no it wasn't in the crapper, but fortunately, I had the strength to wait until dinner time some 5 hours away.

Here's what it looks like:

The people who make it have been in business over 25 years. They make it in small batches. It's got tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, honey, chili pepper, and some spiced oil in it as well.

It's fantastic I say! Not too spicy and I think just about anyone would like it. As you eat it you'll feel it a little more. It's great right out of the jar slapped on some bread and with that you'll taste a little bit of the sweetness from the tomatoes and honey. I also made it for dinner by mixing it in with some tomato sauce. I wanted to have more sauce with my pasta, but didn't want to waste all my precious Spicy Tomato Hot Oil. It was awesome. My 84 year old Grandmother thought it was great too.

Tomorrow I'm having pasta with it again, on the weekend probably use it in my eggs at breakfast, and for lunch try it on a pizza.

I liked it so much, I'm going to try and see if I can order a bunch from them at a discounted price. I mean, a store places an order I'm sure they get a discount, right? Everyone on my Christmas list is getting one of these.

You can order online or maybe find a store that carries it:

Hot Tom

Francese Sauce

Francese Sauce

Does anyone have an easy recipe for Francese Sauce they like?

When you make a topic on this website it has a check mark that says "this topic has a recipe".. I should have an option for "this topic has a BAD recipe" lol.

I've never had it before, but I like lemons so I thought I'd give try. I don't like mushrooms so I left them out.

I found this recipe from some lady who used to own a restaurant for 28 years.

It was horrible! It was like lemon soup really. Had no thickness to it what so ever. Even if I had added the mushrooms it wouldn't have helped thicken it enough.

The recipe had 2 13 ounce cans of chicken broth in it, and 12 ounces of white wine. That seems very excessive.

My Grandmother has had this sauce before and she said it was too lemony.

Here's the recipe I tried:

Suggestions to make non sweet frosting

Has anyone made a non-sweet frosting?

I may have briefly discussed this awhile ago, but I'm ready to try my hand at making homemade pop tarts. If I make them normal Pop Tart size they'll just be Savory Pop Tarts, if I make smaller ones I'll call it Pop Tart Tapas.

Guests at my house will get 3 or 4 different ones.

1 - This will be stuffed with a cheese sauce.. probably will use Kenji's recipe. If you let it harden a little it's nice and hard, but if you heat it up it'll be nice and melty oozing out of my pop tart.

2 - This will be stuffed with mashed potato.

The other two I won't concern you with since they're not going to be frosted. However, for the above two I want a tomato soup frosting and a gravy frosting respectively.

How would you go about it?

Find a recipe for cream cheese frosting, but cut out any sweets and replace it tomato or tomato soup powder for that one?

Maybe there's a way to just get Campbell's Condensed Soup to stick on top? It's already thick enough if I don't water it down. Maybe it'll just stick on top.

Maybe I can reduce a gravy down to thicken it and it'll just stick to the top?

Thoughts are appreciated.

What would you do to get a chef back in the kitchen?

We've all seen those Kitchen Nightmares episodes where the chefs need to find the passion to cook again.

My Cousin graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He ran a successful restaurant for a long time. I won't go into details (it's not some of the insane sanitary conditions or crap like, that just personal stuff), but some stuff went on and well he's back at home.

He works part-time. There's lots of kitchen jobs open, but he doesn't want to do it. I think he could be full time and getting paid more if he were back in the kitchen. I can't speak for him, but I'd like to see him get the spark back.. even if he doesn't want to do it forever, the added income can save up for something else to do.

I'm always interested in starting a hot dog truck. I've often thought of just saving up to buy a truck and roll up to his house horns honking.

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