Stay at home busy mom who loves to cook for my large and loud Italian family. I have three beautiful kids with another on the way. I love experimenting with different foods and restaurants. Oh the joy of going out for dinner!

  • Favorite foods: Fresh cherry tomato sauce with evoo, garlic and spaghetti, homemade pizza laid out thin with potato, rosemary and fresh cracked black pepper and peking duck with hoisin sauce, green onion and cucumber on those yummy little pancakes :-)
  • Last bite on earth: The freshest sashimi on earth with loads of pickled ginger and wasabi finished off with a glass of sake.

New York Vacation - Where to eat

A great place is in Little Italy called Il Cortile. We are second generation Italians and this place is incredibly tasty! My husband swore that their Rigatoni in Ragu (meat sauce) was better than his mothers, and thats huge!
Sit outside, its a really "Italian New York" experience.

What's Your Perfect Omelette?

Saute diced potato, onion and zucchini. When soft and nicely carmelized, mix your beaten eggs with a generous scoop of grated Parm and add to the sauted vegetables. Cook it as you would omelette or make it into a fritatta. (You might want to broil it in the oven to cook the top a little). Its really good!!!

Strange home-made pizza

Fig jam on the bottom, layered Parma Italian Ham and when cooked, shavings of Parmiggiano Cheese (High heat about 450 degrees)

Thinly sliced potato, chopped fresh rosmary and a couple of crushed garlic cloves mixed with evoo and spread on the pizza

Chopped up cherry tomatoes, shredded basil and evoo mixed together and laid out on the dough, then shredded or cubed fresh mozzarella cheese on top

Try them, these are my staple pizza recipes in my home!

casual lunch in nyc

We were there 2 years ago and to this day will never forget the incredible meal that we had at Il Cortile in Little Italy. The Rigatoni with the meat ragu was amazing. Try it!!

Plane Snacks

Hi Everyone,
We are traveling with our kids on a 3 hour flight in the morning (ages 3,5 7). Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on some snack for the plane? Thanks for the suggestions!

Full of Flavor Asian Salad Recipe

Can someone inspire me with a recipe for a Asian inspired noodle salad (minus the green salad) that has a very tasty dressing? All of the ones that I tried aren't flavorful enough. I am 6 months preggo and looking for something crisp, fresh and tasty!!!

Strange but Tasty Childhood Snacks

Got any strange but tasty snack or meal memories from your childhood? I had one friend who would chop up a bunch of hotdogs and put them in a bowl with all of the condiments and enjoy his hotdog soup!