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Asian Thanksgiving?

turkey bo ssam style would be pretty awesome...

Cook the Book: 'Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating'

Bittman's approach towards eating opens another mode of simple appreciation for well cooked food. But, not only did he give me a new sense of how to enjoy my food, but he also gives me the confidence that even though I'm no Thomas Keller or David Chang, food that I produce from my kitchen can also be defined and appreciated as simply good food.

American Idol Anoop Desai's 60-Page College Honor's Thesis on Barbecue

I go to school with him. He was a UNC undergrad as well, he just happened to audition at Kansas (he did not attend their university). Just a minor correction from a fellow Tarheel!

Cook the Book: 'Osteria'

Korean spicy tofu stew (soon-doobu) with a steaming bowl of sticky rice. Probably with fried or steamed dumplings on the side...

How Far Does Restaurant Loyalty Go?

It's important to get a second opinion about your medical condition as well before you make a decisive commitment to go or not go back to that restaurant. While one doctor can say that you had food poisoning, another doctor can give you another point of view on what might have happened (be it that the span of the food poisoning occurred in a longer period or you have a certain allergy, etc).

Cook the Book: Nigella Express

I go to salad bars, pick up some veggies and then cook with them at home. Saves time on chopping and avoids the hassle of doing dishes on cutting boards, knives, plates, etc. I like to do veggie stirfry and pasta with the salad bar veggies.


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