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Where to Drink Coffee in Austin, Texas

Patika coffee trailer has the best french press, espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. hands down.

Bartender's Choice: What To Order at Beretta in San Francisco

just visited yesterday! the earthy tasting Rattlesnake was my favorite.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Non-Guac Ways to Eat Avocados

As a kid my family would eat avocado smashed up in a bowl with a spoonful of sugar. It wasn't until I was a bit older that I experienced it in savory dishes — mainly in guacamole form.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cookie Recipe Swap

homemade oreos, potato chip butterscotch cookies

Do You Have a Favorite Brand of Butter?

that vietnamese stuff that comes in a red can.

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

steamed broccoli, slathered in mayo. scrambled eggs with sriracha. moffles with pb&j. frozen corn or peas cooked in lots of butter, salt, pepper. fried rice made form leftovers. a fried egg on top of something... anything.

A Tofu Throwdown: Lions Head Meatballs vs. Tofu and Orzo

i don't think adding tofu to lion's head meatballs could come from a "classic" recipe. i've never heard of anyone doing that and it seems very atypical of chinese cuisine.

Meat Lite: Hybrid Banh Mi

i think what makes grilled pork banh mi so good is the "grilled" pork. there is no chargrilled flavor if you cook it in your oven. this seems sad.

What Weird Family Foods Did You Grow Up Thinking Were Normal?

steamed broccoli with mayo slathered on top, maki-sushi made with hot dogs, avocado mashed up with sugar, hot noodles with peanut butter and soy sauce

V-Day Giveaway: Praise the Lard Box from Zingerman's

bacon fried up slice by slice
and tender chops are oh so nice!
can you see how one might cling
onto a bag crisp chitterlings?
nom. nom. nom.

In Videos: Explainer: Can You Eat Squirrels?

my childhood friend's brother used to catch squirrels in their backyard. they cooked em. sometimes i'd find frozen squirrel parts in the freezer.

Photo of the Day: Giant Soup Dumpling

that's my soup dumpling!

this is at Nan Xian Man Tou Dian in Shanghai. there was only broth inside with tiny bits of crab meat and roe. it was ok, not crazy good. i think the novelty of it is better than the actual flavor of the soup. you are not supposed to eat the dough, but i tried it. it was much like soggy pie crust.

the xlb here are not as good as the taipei chain, din tai fung. but this is supposed to be a landmark restaurant to visit while visiting shanghai.

Unbelievable! This Is Not Butter!

Some friends have a cat named Butters. They used to live across the street from a cat that looked just like Butters. We called him I Can't Believe it's Not Butters.

Snapshots from Asia: Muah Chee

omg, my mom used to always describe the texture of some foods as "qq" when i was growing up and i thought she was crazy. i thought we were the only ones that used that. it's a real term!

Waiter, What's That Horse Doing in my Sushi?

i had horse nigiri in japan last year. i could barely swallow it, but i think it was psychological.

Where Would You Go for Your Ultimate 'Two Hour Vacation'?

Din Tai Fung in Taipei for soup dumplings... and then hit the streets for taiwanese street food.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits of Self-Loathing

popeye's red beans and rice and biscuits

um, and chick-fil-a's chicken sandwiches

Cook the Book: 'Texas Cowboy Cookbook' Giveaway

seems so very wrong, but the vegan chili at dog almighty is my favorite in austin.

Bagel + CD Spindle = Bagel to Go

i'd suspect the cd spindle is not made from food-grade plastic, and therefore should not be used to store food.