4 Tasty Grab-and-Go Iced Coffees

I've tried the Slingshot, it's a little on the fruity side for me. I didn't think the flavor worked well with milk although it might be ok black.

The Food Lab Turbo: Super Simple Gazpacho

I absolutely despise bell peppers. If I omit the pepper should I add anything in its place? More tomatoes?

The New Ben and Jerry's 'Cores' are Pretty Mindblowingly Delicious

I had a pint of the salted caramel and it was a victim of our ice-storm power outage. SOB!

Serious Cheese: How to Make a Fancy-Looking Cheese Plate on a Budget

Often Whole Foods will have a basket of small amounts of cheese (cheese remnants?) at good prices. It's a good way to try some new things without spending a ton of money. Fig jam is nice on a cheese plate as well and like honey, a little goes a long way.

Poll: Frozen Mini Burgers: Way or No Way?

I'm ashamed to admit that I have had these. Yes, the Weight Watchers version. And they manage to be both not particularly good and weirdly addictive.

After Hours: Where to Find Great Late-Night Eats in Tokyo

We arrived in Japan on New Year's Day and the only thing open was Yoshinoya. Much to my mother-in-law's chagrin, that was my very first Japanese meal. My favorite late night spots were the no-name stalls and izakayas that spilled out onto the sidewalks and you sit on upturned plastic crates. There was a doner kebab guy around the corner from our apartment who was open until 3 or 4 am. We lived in sort of a red-light district so I think we had a greater variety of late-night options than some other parts of Tokyo!

First Impressions: Parts and Labor Brings Griddled Burgers to Logan Square

Yeah, pork in a burger is not a southern thing, it's a cheapskate thing.

In Praise of Brickle

My mother in law makes brickle with toasted sesame seeds (no chocolate). I love it!

Cook the Book: 'Japanese Soul Cooking'

Tonkatsu and Japanese-style mapo dofu.

Equipment: The Best Chef's Knives

Is there any way to repair a carbon steel knife? I gave my mother a gorgeous Japanese knife and I think she put it in the dishwasher. It's rusted and pitted.

Open Thread: How are You Going to Cook Your Turkey?

Fried, after air-drying and salt-rubbing. Just made the gravy last night using Kenji's recipe. We'll also have chicken wings, chicken cooked in soy and vinegar, and smoked ribs. It's a meat-fest.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Mashed potatoes! So much butter...

Dinner in NYC worth saving up for

I know you said you didn't necessarily want Le Bernardin, but I would highly recommend it. The food is outstanding, the service impeccable. Seriously, I think the sommelier was either psychic or had bugged our table, the wine he chose was so perfect for both our tastes and budget.

Open Thread: Thanksgiving Disasters!

We were cooking an enormous bird but didn't have a roasting pan so we used one of the foil ones. I was in charge of the turkey for the second time (my first time having been a rousing success) and was diligently rotating and basting the turkey as per my Bon Appetit recipe instructions. The combo of the heavy turkey plus the friction of turning the foil pan on the oven rack poked a hole in the pan. It was like a turkey juice waterfall, we had to totally disassemble the oven to clean everything up. And no drippings for gravy! Luckily it was at the very end of the cooking time so at least I didn't poison anyone.

The Food Lab: My Favorite Brussels Sprouts Recipes

I was thinking of trying a shaved brussels sprouts salad this year. Anyone a fan of this preparation?

13 Sweet Potato Sides for Thanksgiving

Kenji, for the roasted sweet potatoes, can you par-cook the night before and refrigerate or would that do something wonky to the sugars in the potatoes?

Open Thread: What Do You Want to Know this Thanksgiving?

Interesting salads, preferably ones that can be made ahead.

Mo Rocca's Favorite Greenwich Village Eats

He is so charming on My Grandmother's Ravioli. Adorable show.

The Food Lab: The Best Caesar Salad

I have to disagree with the large leaves of lettuce. I get annoyed when I have to use a knife to eat my salad. And count me in as another anchovy paste enthusiast. I always pause at the jarred anchovies but can't quite bring myself to put them in the basket.

Sugar Rush: Ice Cream Trio at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams in Lakeview

Agree with the posters on Jeni's vs. Graeter's- Graeter's is good but Jeni's is in a whole other league. I started getting an assortment shipped to my dad in Kentucky for Father's Day last year and it is hands-down the best present I have ever gotten him. I also second the pear-riesling sorbet recommendation. In the summer they have a sweet corn-blueberry that's surprisingly good and my dad went bananas over their version of butter pecan.

Poll: A Pizza Proposal?

beemoh and coppertone, yep, that was my thought as well.

International McDonald's Items We Wish Were in the USA

I wish we could import the customer service from the Japan McDonald's. The counter workers are all so nice!

Favorite Brewery in Your State

Natty Greene's in Greensboro, NC. I like the Guilford Golden and the Buckshot Amber. Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC for the Gaelic Ale.

5 Summer Flavors to Grab at Graeter's This Summer

I've always liked the strawberry sorbet. And yes, the cinnamon and pumpkin are incredible!

Low Carb Birthday Dinner

No, he's not diabetic. There is literally no reason for his diet. Trust, he is very candid regarding health issues. Anyway, the birthday dinner was a success, thanks again for all of the help!

Appetizer- cheese and salami plate
Main courses- grilled flank steak with chimichurri, my mother-in-law's chicken which is cooked with soy, ginger, and vinegar and also has hard-boiled eggs
Sides- gorgeous heirloom tomato salad with amethyst basil, mother-in-law's sunomono with cucumber, wakame, sesame, and bonito, grilled corn for the carb-eaters with chili-lime butter and pesto butter
Dessert- strawberries and blueberries with espresso balsamic vinegar

And the kicker, brought by the nephews- a double-stacked 14-inch cookie cake with 2 entire cans of frosting, sprinkles, and candy decorations! Totally necessary because the candles wouldn't stand up in the fruit bowl.

Alternative Dippers for Guacamole

I'm attending a Mexican-themed tailgate this weekend and volunteered to make a variety of guacamole (recipes from SE, of course). The problem is other people are bringing salsas, 7-layer dip, chorizo and cheese dip, etc. There's going to be an abundance of tortilla chips. What are some other options? My local international store sells plantain chips so I'm going to get some of those. Any other ideas?

Low Carb Birthday Dinner

My in-laws are coming over on Saturday for my father-in-law's 70th birthday. He is totally carb free. We're going to grill flank steaks with chimichurri and some other type of protein, probably chicken for my super picky sister-in-law, then strawberries with balsamic vinegar for dessert. I am tapped out on side dishes. Any suggestions besides the same boring grilled squash and zucchini I always make for him?

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