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Cook the Book: 'The Glorious Vegetables of Italy'

Pizza with artichokes, garlic and thinly sliced zucchini with chunks of mozzarella. So delish!

Responses and reactions to your food...

I usually make awesome bulgogi. We were having friends over for Korean food and I realized I had forgotten to buy the meat! I thawed what I found in the freezer and did a quick marinade. The taste was not bad, but it was dry. Our friend's little boy said (while chewing) "Mmmm, you make good jerky!"

I'm really struggling with my slow cooker.

I'm assuming you're using a crockpot with removable glazed stoneware. I don't know what would cause a metallic taste (unless it's made in China or somewhere with less strict food safety policies). You certainly won't get al dente veggies, but some fare better than others. More fatty cuts of meat (such as pork shoulder) will leave a lot of grease, but you should be able to remove that by skimming it with a ladle or large spoon. You could try browning your meat as a way to render some fat. I usually remove chicken skin (but it's okay to leave on) and leave the fat on pork shoulders and later remove it when cooked. Unless you're making a soup, you shouldn't be adding any water. I use rubs and dry seasoning but not liquid seasoning (unless a recipe calls for it). If I want to add a sauce (for pulled pork, for instance), I remove the meat, drain out the remaining liquid, replace the meat and then add the sauce and/or add back some of the juice. I use frozen meats all the time and cook on slow for hours. Don't throw in the towel yet. See if you can borrow another slow cooker and give it a few more tries.

NYS Road Trip - Where to go?

Too bad you'll miss the Spiedie Fest in Binghamton! You can still stop by for Spiedies at Lupo's or amazingly delicious wood fired steak, prime rib or pizza at Moxie's in nearby Conklin. Venture downtown near the rivers if you can. There's a nice river walk and a little park at the confluence. Have a great road trip!

Portable July 4th Picnic Dessert?

Apple and cherry turnovers, lemon poppy seed muffins.

Any lime sherbet punch lovers out there?

Love it! I had it many times in Utah. It's like Mormon elixer!

Any Utah foodies out there?

Utah now has a great variety of international cuisine, especially in the Salt Lake and Provo areas. If you like Thai food, Thai Siam on State Street is very good. The New Yorker downtown is a bit pricey but has great steaks and other entrees. Do try the burgers at The Training Table, Hires and Crown Burger. They're Utah originals.

Humpty Dumpty Omelet Question

@UrbanWino, I think the milder cheeses taste better with the strong flavored kimchi. Fresh mozzarella, colby jack, havarti and mild cheddar have been the best so far. I couldn't even finish my attempt at using chevre.

Humpty Dumpty Omelet Question

@wandererfound, that is disgusting! The thought of cat hair in food gives me dry heaves.

I've made chopped kimchi omelets with cheese. They were surprisingly good.

Poll: How do you like your fries?

I usually like crinkle cut fries nicely salted and with fry sauce, but I really dig the spicy fries (cajun spice) at Five Guys.

High Calore, Low Carb Meals

Spinach artichoke dip with crudite, pulled pork with coleslaw, smoothies with whole milk and regular fat yogurt. Congratulations, btw!

Cook the Book: 'Asian Tofu'

I love it stewed in kimchi chigae.

Cold Cereal - Favorites from Youth, Favorites Now

Lucky Charms forever! I seem to like all the oaty cereals but LC has always been my favorite.

Alternative to a Salad Spinner?

I can't remember who did this but I saw someone put lettuce in a clean pillow case (used especially for this purpose), knot it up, and put it in the spin cycle of the clothes washer.

I personally love my OXO salad spinner and would hate to go without. It's been great for lettuce and herbs. I found that I really don't need more than one large and one small colander anyway.

Pork ribs dilemma

I love my MIL's sauerkraut ribs. Season the ribs with salt and pepper. Brown the ribs in the broiler. Place in a casserole/baking dish and smother them with sauerkraut. Cover with lid and bake 30 to 45 minutes at 350 degrees. The kraut becomes more sweet and the ribs are extremely tender and tasty.

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING... :-(

Blueberries, spinach artichoke dip, jalapeno poppers (with cream cheese), and Thin Mint cookies.

Good recipes for someone with no sense of taste (literally)

I hope you feel better soon and regain your sense of taste. You could try savory and spicy meals (Korean or Thai soups). Then again, you can just focus on all the boring healthy stuff we should be eating if you're not able to taste it anyway. : )