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Snapshots from New Orleans: Willie Mae's Fried Chicken Is Still Awesome

It's like you all know I'm headed to New Orleans for the first time this summer. SO overwhelmed with the food choices, and underwhelmed by the short amount of time we'll have.

I appreciate your help! This and the CP post. You're killing me! As will the humidity, I'm sure...

Foods everyone seems to like but you just can't get into....

Sun-dried tomatoes (texture), chardonnay (oaky), red peppers (make me burp).

I'd really like to overcome these distastes. Peppers and SDTs are everywhere especially in some recipes I want to try.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Eggs Abound

Not a stunner, but I love white rice, green peas and scrambled eggs. Nummy.

An Ode to RoTel Queso (Plus 4 Things You Can Do with RoTel)

What wonderful ideas everyone has for RoTel! I just grew up on the meat-free queso, but now I like to add some browned Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, and thin it with a little whole milk. Learned that at The Mont at the University of Oklahoma.


Looking for a Tex-Mex style appetizer that is not a dip....

CJ McD, that sounds WONDERFUL!

These don't suck so much either, although Wednesday Vail suggested similar. I just like me the queso dip..

Happy SB, everyone!

Supper vs Dinner?

They're simply words. And I love how we can use them to suit our own needs, memories, and expectations!

Growing up in Oklahoma in the 70's / 80's, and not on a farm, we were B-L-D.

When we moved to SE Tennessee, we were introduced to the "supper" term, and our family did not disintegrate. Chameleons, we were.

My mom grew up with HER mom leaving out any dinner leftovers on the stove for noshing throughout the evening. Cold pork chops, bit of mashed potatoes, harmphing on a green been, biscuit, or two.

That may have been our "supper." Mom still does that today. Yum.

Great topic!

Boxing Leftovers

I will defend the term "Server."

And my mother-in-law was always worried the "servers" were stealing her food and would insist on boxing things up herself. EVERYTHING.

Tortilla chips, butter, sugar, etc.

Best Sandwiches in SoCal?

I'm partial to Tony's Deli with locations in Burbank (3) and Toluca Lake. Stellar bread and splendid salami.

Travelers: What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

SeaTac's Anthony's has WONDERFUL food. And cloth napkins. And actual silverware. Oh, and there's a beautiful view. Dig it.

Thanksgiving dinner conversation starters

We got out the dictionary one year to settle an argument about how to pronounce "poinsettia" and ended up looking up dirty words and laughing until we cried. We're simple folk...

Seattle restaurant recommendations?

Quinn's is a wonderful gastropub. We try and eat there each time we're in town.

How to crack an egg

Flat surface. I've not had a bit of shell where it doesn't belong since I started doing it that way. (formerly edge of bowl) I've yet to have the contents hit the counter...

Etiquette for Eating on Planes/Trains/Buses

Oh, and PLEASE no McDonald's french fries...

Etiquette for Eating on Planes/Trains/Buses

Sandwich and fruit/veggies. No tuna, please. Cold is a good guideline.

What is the Greatest Compliment You Have Received on Your Food

My late father-in-law, who rarely said much of anything, tasted my brined turkey (Alton's,actually) and said, "This is the best turkey I have ever put in my mouth." He's eaten a lot of turkey...

A Christmas Miracle Burger at Colombo's in Eagle Rock, California

Sounds awesome. We went there just to have a drink and check it out. Nice Room! Unrelated to Eagle Rock, have you tried the Rocky's "chain" in LA? There's one in Pacoima at Whiteman Airport and one on Lincoln near the Empire Center in Burbank. Both are different. They are both related historically, and yet no-longer-related. We love watching the planes land in Pacoima, and escaping the shopping at Empire.

I hope you check it out and enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

I go to PWC EVERY DAY! But also to Serious Eats. And RecipeZaar (not a blog, though.)

Best Mexican food in LA ?

Casa Vega has occasional celeb sightings, and they meet 4 of the 5 of our diagnostics: chips, salsa, 'ritas, beans and rice. I feel they falter on the rice.

Barragan's is great. We visit the Burbank location. I'd recommend the Huevos Divorciados.

We also like Don Cuco's in Toluca Lake, but mainly for the Sunday bartender, Jesse. Location, location, location.

Hard cooked eggs: I'm a bonehead and now have too many!

BELT Sandwich. I had one in Seattle and my mouth found it charming. BLT with sliced hard boiled egg. Although diced into the mayo might be easier to eat. It's wonderful!

Yet another table manners topic - clearing plates.

Former server, frequent diner. Crossed silverware means that you're still dining; parallel silverware means that you're finished, regardless of the part of the clock you place it. The napkin-in-the-chair signal should work, but etiquette is eroding, and the napkin and silver methods are often meaningless, even in high-end establishments. Separate note: I'm a thanker. Whether it's bread, water, iced tea, or bringing me my cocktail, entree, or check, we always thank the server. That's two thank-you's per trip for the bus boy and the server. How annoying for the person on their feet to navigate through, "You're welcome," "My pleasure," or heaven forbid, "No problem!" We're both working hard to minimize the verbal appreciation, and let our gratuity be monetary. It's difficult!


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