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Raw garlic - who's in?

I grow garlic and cook with it all the time. I don't understand the fresh (or as you saw raw which implies it is cooked normally?) garlic not normal to cook with? I had no idea.

Pie plates - glass/ceramic vs metal

I use Pyrex glass pans. They are 10+ years old and are still great. I have never used a metal pie pan so I can't say there is a difference. Plus you can get them cheap at any housewares store or big box store.

Grill pan waffles?

In the recipe it says:
"100g unsalted butter, plus an extra knob"

What is a knob? Is it similar to a tablespoon?
Just curious, I have never heard this word used in measurements before.

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

I agree with dbcurrie. I never understood why people were so interested in what I was eating or not eating. I would never comment on someones diet in that way. I would just say what dbcurrie said. Tell them how you feel and how it should not matter to them. It does not affect them. I think most of the comments are based on people not understanding your decision or it makes them uncomfortable so they feel the need to push their opinion or belittle yours. It is their issue, not yours. They are the "weird" ones for caring so much, not you.

Homemade Buttermilk

When I buy buttermilk I make sure to use it all up with things like biscuits, buttermilk pancakes, muffins, etc. There really are so many uses for it, I never have a hard time using all 4 cups of it!

Refrigerating pumpkin/sw. potato pie?

Here is a list of Wegmans apple pie ingredients, there are preservatives in it. I also looked at their muffins, which also have a preservative in it (Potassium Sorbate). So I do not believe it is a myth. When I bake pies and muffins at home I don't put preservatives in them. Stores obviously do not bake items the same way you would at home.

"Apples, Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening (Soybean and Cottonseed Oils), Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Dextrose, Glycerin, Salt, Cinnamon, Heavy Cream, Preservatives (Citric Acid, TBHQ). "

Refrigerating pumpkin/sw. potato pie?

There are definitely way more ingredients (some I don't recognize) in store made pies. Pies made at home have just a few ingredients but the label on my stores pies has a lot more than just eggs and sugar. Same thing with their cakes, the ingredient list is probably 30+ items.

New Drinks: Naked Juice Reduced Calorie Smoothies

I buy the regular ones and eat them as my lunch at work. So calories are not a problem plus it is just fruit, no fillers or junk so all calories are from a good source so I don't see the need for a low-cal one. I absolutely love their regular line and have yet to see these new ones. I'll probably try them when they go on sale!

Almond milk

I prefer Silk products. I tried the Almond Breeze and couldn't finish it.

dmc- Soy milk is not milk, obviously. It is a drink substitute. Just like the person the other day trying to make "pizza" without any actual ingredients that make up a pizza. It is just easier to say milk than "soy drink" so people understand better what the product is a substitute for.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Chain Opens Its First Store

Melt in Cleveland has 2 locations and during the day has a 1-2 hour wait for a table. But their concept is not just simple grilled cheese, it is much more so I can see why so many people like it. I feel like this new "chain" is a bad rip off of Melt in Cleveland. If I wanted a basic sandwich I would make it at home for cheap, just like the cereal place.

Anthony Bourdain's Paula Deen Diss

Who cares. These people are worth many millions of dollars and what another celebrity says about them is no big deal. Sure his comments were rude and unnecessary but in the end they both win. People are talking about both of them and in some way I am sure they are selling more books and getting more people to notice them which equals more money for both.

Taco Night! Weekly Food Rituals ...Got One?

We have a lot of soft black bean and rice burritos and home made pizza nights. We have recently been doing a lot of veggie wraps since it is so hot out or panini sandwiches. All of these meals are very affordable too!

Ideal PB&J Anatomy

How do you spread PB on top of jelly? Or do you mean you put your jelly on one slice first then PB on the other?

Anyways, I use whatever creamy PB is on sale, whole grain bread (usually one that I make) and my moms strawberry jelly. Sometimes I splurge and get the strawberry rhubarb jelly from my local market!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Thank you for your honest feedback but there is no such thing as a good commercial breeder. A good breeder cares where their dogs go and demands to meet the owners and has them sign a spay/neuter contract and will always take back a dog even 10 years later if you can't keep him. Those health concerns you listed for pure shar-pei's and a bite history are things that a responsible breeder would breed out. The lines they use would definitely not include human aggression or hip dysplasia. All of the lines would have had their hips tested and certifiied by the OFA. Sure this can still happen in puppies but when you are mixing breeds it is a crap shoot and you are more likely to encounter problems (especially for this mix since they bred a large breed with a small breed, the offspring are now prone to more issues). I won't continue this argument anymore since you are set in your ways but for others, please do more research before buying a puppy!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I'm not trying to be rude but stating the facts. What the average person thinks is a responsible breeder is not. I just fact checked and indeed he is a shar-pei/pug mix. This means there is no doubt that he came from a person looking to only make a profit. Breeders only breed to better a breed, not to make fact most respected breeders make no money or lose money on each litter. Health tests (hips, eyes, etc) are done on parents before breeding them. Putting 2 different breeds together just is not done by anyone who isn't trying to profit off of people who don't know better. I know you're well intentioned but you bought a dog from a pet store and it is from a commercial breeder.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I have to ask, what is the name and location of the store you bought him from? No responsible breeder would ever sell their dogs to a store so they can sell it at a higher price to the first person with a credit card.

Every pet store will give you the breeders name and they will be a commercial breeder. (ie breeding for profit not temperment, health, bettering the breed, etc).

A responsible breeder either has good homes lined up before the pups are even born and/or all go with an adoption contract. I also thought I read that he is supposed to be a mix, no responsible breeder mixes breeds. It's an oxymoron!

Do you like buffets...really?

I have never been to one I liked. I like a breakfast buffet at a local restaurant for a special occasion like Mothers Day but an actual buffet restaurant, is never good. The food is mostly frozen stuff, it sits out for a long time, and most of it is not what I would order off a menu anyways. The desserts are by far the worst too. I never go to one unless dragged in by others who happen to be going and I always feel gross afterwards.

Where did my muffin batter go wrong?

Thank you Saria for saying that! That is what I was getting at, you just said it better.

Where did my muffin batter go wrong?

Bob- I have been baking for 20 years and have never beaten chilled butter with sugar for a muffin. That is truly news to me.

Cakes are not muffins though.

Where did my muffin batter go wrong?

I have never made muffins by using the "creaming method" you describe by taking chilled or softened butter and beating it with sugar. This is what you do for cookies but not for muffins. Your butter should have been melted and cooled. Then you should mix all your dry ingredients then add then to the wet ingredients by gently folding it all together. Do not use a mixer, you want it to be lumpy and mixed until just combined. You had lumps because of the way you mixed your butter into the sugar and then added the milk. Your milk was probably fine. If you recipe said for you to do this then I would get another muffin recipe.

What to do with leftover frosting?

I like to spread frosting on crackers or pretzels too! Didn't realize others did this. I like the idea of freezing it between graham crackers.

help! have to feed my superskinny boyfriend!

It sounds like he is malnourished and really should be checked out by a doctor and get some advice from a nutritionist. If he is not eating when he is hungry, skipping meals, and only eating a tiny bit of variety then he needs to rework the way he looks at food. This can't be done by you just shoving fatty foods in front of him. He needs to make a decision to treat his body better (think of a person with an eating disorder, they won't eat because you say so) and may need to even seek counseling.

HOW EUROPEANS STAY THIN (the #1 question I get asked)

I never understand these spam posts. What is this person selling? I don't see a link to anything. It seems so pointless. Are we all supposed to go google "florence insider" and find out?

Does Dr. Pepper Ten Taste Even More Like Regular Dr. Pepper?

Uh...why is Dr.Pepper 10 not for women? Why would you release a new product and only market it to about 50% of people and then on top of it offend the other half? I'll be sure to listen to the ad and never buy this product since I am not allowed or supposed to have it.


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