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  • Favorite foods: noodle
  • Last bite on earth: wrap which is not enough for me

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Can you share a easy and quick dinner recipe?

Wow, impressed by these suggestions. Thank you so much.
I may try to play with eggs,frozen veggie, canned food next time. Also I should cook something and freeze it, going easy for next meal. I will check these recipe links out, and find the ones I like.

Animal Slaughter...Have you?! Would you?!

In my culture, chicken and ducks are slaughtered at the same time we buy them. I donot have an unpleasent thought about it. Because we can select the one, we are satisfied with, among the sold chicken and ducks. Food safety are more concerned, since we know the chicken we buy are healthy. Personally, I love the freshness of the meet. I never think they come from animal bodies. The last words makes me feel guilty about eating animals, which have the equal right to be alive as human. However, I can't refuse eating slaughtered chicken and ducks, for making delicious meals.

How come dislike Shrimp suddenly?!

I took the shrimp shell off before I cooked pasta. The taste is acceptable. I stopped thinking about bug pics.

Coconut milk lovers, anyone?

I like to order soup or noodle with coconut milk, different from what I eat at home. But I have a few chance to use coconut milk, except making bubble tea.

How come dislike Shrimp suddenly?!

@missmochi That happened to me. I saw one picture of rice with a bug inside. The bug has the samilar shape of shrimp. That made me unpleasant to eat shrimp, especially I eat shrimp with the shell one.
@beam-n-coke hahaha, if I have a chance to eat really good food, I won't regret that I can't eat anything less delicious.

Can anyone tell me how to upload my own recipe with pics?

@lemonfair Thank you for answering the question. I got the idea about this site. I will stick with Talk section. Photograzing is a good idea as well. Though I donot have personal blog to post recipes.
@ Cary Your instruction is helpful. I will put my recipes in words and post them.

Favorite (and preferably easy) desserts?

It does not have an unique answer. Depends on people's preference. Personally, I am not a big fan of sweetly tasted sweet goodies. Any desserts with lemon or chocolate will give a better flavor. Black forest cake is one of my favorite cakes. My nearby grocery store used to have a good one, but sadly not any more.

How come dislike Shrimp suddenly?!

Sometimes how we see the food makes us dislike the food. It is not about the food taste.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Breakfast For Dinner

In my family, some breakfast is a light version of main meal. For example, Fried Rice is one usual served dish in our breakfast table. Beacause Fried Rice is so easy to make in a short time, We eat it as our dinner sometimes.
When someone in my family gets sick, he/she doesnot have appetite. My mum usually cookes congee for him/her.


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