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Can I Substitute Dried Beans for Canned?

"One pound of chickpeas more than tripled in weight, and had a more significant volume increase ..."
Huh. When I do it, 8 oz. of chickpeas turns into 20 oz. of cooked beans (2.5 times), which I figured was equivalent to two 14-oz. cans.

Back Of The House: The Life of a Cook's Illustrated Test Cook

What happens to all the food produced by trying recipes over and over? Are you feeding the staff's families on leftovers, or running a soup kitchen out of the back?

Cook the Book: 'The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone' by Deborah Madison

What to Drink This Weekend: Lime-Free Tequila Cocktails

In one local store, limes cost more than lemons!

Pantry Essentials: All About Pesto

Alexander the Great is credited with first bringing the herb west from Asia.
Oh! That's why it has a Greek name?

Behind the Scenes In Kenji's Home Kitchen (A.K.A. Home of The Food Lab)

"The biggest improvement was a slightly more spacious kitchen ..."
Yikes. It looks like you can't open the oven door without standing to one side or the other.

Ask the Food Lab: What's the Point of Bay Leaves?

@hapablap -- That sound like a recipe for finding the bay leaf on the floor under the table.

Ask the Food Lab: What's the Point of Bay Leaves?

What about breaking the bay leaf in half, to expose the inside?

Slow Cooker Lebanese Red Lentil Soup

"4 cups dry red lentils," -- that's about 2 pounds?

Gluten-Free Cheesy Broccoli Soup

So I made this and it got great reviews.
Variations: I used wheat flour and fresh broccoli instead of mochiko and frozen.
I'll make it again. If for no other reason, I've still got the other half pound of Velveeta. ;-)

The Food Lab: Hearty Vegan Mushroom Bolognese

I don't think wine has a high enough concentration of alcohol to begin with to flambé. But the recipe says "simmer until wine is reduced nearly dry", so there shouldn't be much alcohol left anyway.

There are alcohol-free wines, which ought to work for this purpose.

There's a Spanish Chain Called Taste of America and This is What They Sell

In Vermont, you can't get Grade B syrup anymore.

So this month, Vermont became the first state to give all syrup sold to consumers a grade of A,

Ed's Head: I'm Going Vegan This Month To Keep Kenji Company

Listening to Kenji's podcast interview, when they asked, "why February?", I couldn't help saying, " 'cause it's the shortest month!"

Pantry Essentials: All About Ketchup

Ketchup is a thixotropic or "non-Newtonian" liquid. That means it becomes less viscous as it moves—the more you shake it, the easier it flows. That's why ketchup stubbornly stays in a glass bottle at first and second shake, and eventually rushes out all at once to say hello.

Or as it has been said,

Shake and shake the ketchup bottle
None'll come, and then a lot'll

Tortilla Soup With Chicken and Avocado

Would it be worth the trouble to roast the poblano?

Chicken and Rice With Almonds and Dried Cherries

1 cup of rice to 1.3 cups of liquid seems like it would be a little dry. 1 to 1.5 is the usual ratio. Does the chicken lose enough juice to make up the difference?

Mediterranean Chicken, Feta, and Herb Wrap With Stewed Potatoes

Can you really get all that chicken in one batch in your Dutch oven? I think it would take two even in my skillet.

Which is what I always use for browning multiple batches. I can go for deep browning without worrying about burning the fond during the second batch, because I know that if necessary I could throw in an extra deglazing step between batches. Dirtying a second pan isn't an issue; by the time the skillet is deglazed, it's more than halfway to cleaned.

The Food Lab: Easy Red Lentil Soup With Curry Yogurt

Well, it came out very tasty. Maybe a little grainy, because I used a stick blender? Definitely worth repeating.

The Food Lab: Easy Red Lentil Soup With Curry Yogurt

Well, I've got a pot on the stove.

You say, "You can use brown lentils as well, but you'll have to increase simmering time by 10 to 15 minutes." I.e. for 30–45 min. Since that's what I had in stock, that's what I used. But in your Coconut Lentil recipe, you say "Cook ... until [brown] lentils are completely tender and have started to break down and thicken the soup, about 1 1/2 hours". That's a big difference; should I just let it simmer until someone gets hungry?

(Also, it seemed lacking umami, so I threw in a Tbsp each of soy and fish sauce.)

The Best Chili Ever

Kenji, I don't think I've seen you use the booze trick in any other recipes. Did you give up on it after this one, or is it only useful in a highly-spiced dish?

Staff Picks: What's Your Recipe Deal-Breaker?

Equipment I don't have is the obvious one. I.e. 'stand mixer'.

Ingredients I don't have ... it depends. Sometimes I substitute or just skip. But sometimes I'm left wondering, "what would I do with the other 3/4ths of a brick of Velveeta?"

Slow Cooker Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic and Fingerling Potatoes

There's a trick for peeling large amounts of garlic:

Get Cracking With the Nutcracker From Drosselmeyer

"Drosselmeyer" -- a name you can trust in nutcrackers.

Gluten-Free Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Supposing I don't care about gluten; could I substitute something for the rice flour?

Shredded Chicken, Chard and Chickpea Soup

The chicken is in step #2.

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