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Forget Soaking. Use Your Pressure Cooker for Perfect Black Beans in Under an Hour.

I suggest putting on a pair of wrist sweatbands, going for a jog, and realizing that those sweat bands are not for your sweaty wrists, but for wiping sweat off your face.
Or, you know, put on a headband....

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Kitchen Shortcuts

@Osomatic I use yoghurt and cottage cheese containers for most of my storage needs. They're free! Though the lids of different brands aren't necessarily interchangable....

The Best Carne Asada

Oops. Didn't read carefully enough.

The Best Carne Asada

If you're not cooking the meat sous vide, do you need to individually bag each piece? Why not just put them back in the marinade bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and stick it in the fridge?

Extra Buttermilk in the Fridge? Use it up in a Tangy Slaw

"I salt all the vegetables, toss them in a bowl, then set them aside while I make my dressing."
Is there a reason you're not doing the salt&sugar, then rinse, procedure you've described for slaw before?

The Food Lab: The Best Meatloaf

Following the construction of the mix, it occurred to me to wonder, what's the difference between meatloaf and meatballs? Other than size, of course.

The Food Lab: Super-Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

"... Evil Stanley will undoubtedly begin to live up to his name because of a subtle difference in the way the world treats him."
Didn't work out that way for Winner and Loser Lane....

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak

"... it's not possible to put together several steaks into a large roast without the aid of transglutaminase, or at the very least, a reliable time machine)."

I kind of think this should be the other way around:
'... the aid of a reliable time machine or, at the very least, transglutaminase.'

The Food Lab: How to Prepare Green Spring Produce

"First off, that old trick about "letting the stem naturally break off where it snaps?" It doesn't really work—depending on how you hold the asparagus, you can get it to break in any number of places."
I haven't had a problem with this — I hold the stalk in one hand and the butt in the other, and turn that hand to make the stalk break as far down as it's able to bend.

The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich Chicken Chile Verde in Under 30 Minutes

Kenji, how about a general article about converting recipes for one method (pressure cooker, slow cooker, or dutch-oven in oven) to another? Changing the amount of liquid, the cooking time, the seasoning, etc.

How to Make Easy Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts With Bourbon-Mustard Pan Sauce

@ TheGreatRobbo -- When you go to take the skillet out of the oven, put the glove on the handle instead of your hand, and leave it there.

Want a Rich and Silky Pan Sauce For Your Steak? Grab the Cream

I don't usually have cream in stock, but I've got a couple of cans of Cream of Mushroom soup gathering dust in the pantry. How would that work?

Schmaltz (Rendered Chicken Fat)

Huh. I haven't been making schmaltz on purpose. I cook a lot of chicken, so after browning I pour off the rendered chicken fat into a tub I keep in the fridge. I dip into that for sautéing rice, etc. (Though eventually most of it still gets thrown away.)

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

'... face full of "vokka" pie.'
At first I read this as 'vodka' pie;
I still don't know what it really is.

The Science of Pie: 7 Pie Crust Myths That Need to Go Away

The guy on Science Friday started talking about tips for making pie dough, and I'm thinking, "hah, they should just ask JKL-A" ... and they did!

Arroz Caldo (Filipino Chicken and Rice Soup)

You start with 2/3 cups of oil, use 1/2 cup for the garlic, then use "remaining 1/3 cup" for the onion and chicken.
At least one of those numbers is wrong.
What happens to the garlic oil? Why not re-use it for the onion?

The Vegan Experience: Over 100 Flavor-First Vegan Recipes!

"All of my omnivore-oriented recipes are flavor-trumps-all. Why should my vegan recipes be any different?"
Well, they're not. But it's sort of like, say, making recipes with no green ingredients. You're putting an artificial limit on your palette.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Did you really make us raise our heads just so you can take a picture?
Get with the program, kid — those doggie treats don't come for nothin'.
Now work those soulful eyes!

The Secret to Great Coq au Vin? Lose the Coq

... it looked like we'd be having rooster for dinner soon. A few minutes later, both the injured rooster and one of his unfortunate buddies were hanging upside down with their throats slit, ...
Man! Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Why My Fridge Is Never Without Shirataki Noodles (and Yours Shouldn't be Either)

It's an indigestible dietary fiber that basically passes straight through you, giving you a noodle with zero net calories and zero net carbs.
How and why did the Japanese come up with a food item with zero nutritional value?


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