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Sugar Rush: Tofu Pudding at Amaz Soya

Me too Robyn. I haven't had the stuff for years. Totally craving some now.

Bake the Book: The Epicurious Cookbook

Pecan pie. This is my answer to Cook/Bake the Book questions way too frequently. (or not frequently enought....)

Serious Reads: Blue Bottle's New Coffee Primer

swagv, you sound uber-snobby about coffee. What kind of coffee book would you buy? Sounds like none, since you probably pretty hard set in your coffee ways.

"40 inventive recipes that incorporate coffee or taste good with a cup." sounds like there is one part where it discusses coffee without recipes, then another part that discusses how to make things that have coffee flavor or that you might eat with coffee.

Cook the Book: 'True Blood'

Mellowcreme Pumpkins.

Charlotte, NC: Burgers + Sushi = Unexpected Greatness at The Cowfish

I love using soft/spreadable cheeses in burgers rather than slices.

Also, that poster is awesome. Were there more like that?

Bacon and Egg Fried Rice

Salsa on fried rice? Not necessarily sure that this combination will work.

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Dessert Pizza

Pizza Hut lunch buffet as a teenager was awesome. I once ate the equivalent of 4 pizzas and then half a dessert pizza. Was so thirsty from all the salt that they eventually just left a pitcher and I started drinking straight from it.

Dessert pizza is awesome. If you don't like it, then don't eat it.

The Food Lab Lite: Fried Fish Sandwiches With Creamy Slaw and Tartar Sauce

Cook the Book: 'Salty Snacks'

Salt and vinegar chips. Or possibly those hint of lime chips.

Bake the Book: The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook

Pecan Pie. From the US South.

Does Lou Malnati's Serve the 'Most Life-Changing' Pizza in America?

Life changing isn't necessarily the same as "best".

Your life could be changed from "I don't like Chicago style pizza" to at least "I think it's acceptable."/"Would eat again."/etc. Since Lou Malnati's has a decent number of locations and also ships their pizzas. It could have changed more minds than others.

To eat at the "best" place when you already think you're going to like it could be argued to be not very life changing.

The Food Lab: The Best Korean Fried Chicken

I was waiting for you to bring out the booze almost right after I started reading. These wings look fantastic.

Snapshots from the Serious Eats Pie and Wine Social in Brooklyn

Thanks, rice_chex.

Excellent Pork Ribs and Brisket at Gatlin's Barbecue in Houston

Thanks, Kenji.

Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at What's the Scoop in Portland, OR

@aharste: If you can source liquid nitrogen, then it isn't hard to do with "home" equipment.

Snapshots from the Serious Eats Pie and Wine Social in Brooklyn

I would also like the recipe for the oatmeal pie. I wonder if you can just sub in oats for pecans in a pecan pie recipe.

Bake the Book: Southern Living: Classic Southern Desserts

Pecan pie. But also other kinds of pie.

Confession: I Like Coke Zero

It's interesting that Coke Zero is apparently shameful to drink in restaurant kitchens, but apparently regular Coke and Diet Coke are okay.

@car1fsu: Coke tastes like chemicals too. All food and drink tastes like chemicals.

Burger King's New Chicken Parm

Seems like they forgot to melt the mozzarella like their ads are claiming. Not that I was really expecting them to.

Slurped: E-fu Noodles at Great NY Noodletown

I know Robyn is taking the picture, but it looks like you're sadly eating noodles alone at a big giant table.

Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at What's the Scoop in Portland, OR

Interesting. Wonder how much increased production costs using liquid nitrogen adds (since normally using it is only done as a novelty). What are their prices like?

How to Throw a Dumpling Party

Libations and dumplings. Back in college, we would use beer bottles as spare rolling pins to increase dumpling skin production rate (then drink the beer of course).

Excellent Pork Ribs and Brisket at Gatlin's Barbecue in Houston

I was also expecting a picture of the rice. Maybe good but not photogenic?

Grilling: Pecan Stuffed Apples with Caramel Sauce

Add some pie dough to make them look like little pies.

Cook the Book: 'Mac and Cheese'

Any mac and cheese. I don't care.

Is Throwdown an ego trip?

On this week's Cook the Book, seriousb cleverly commented that he wants Bobby Flay to do a humble pie throwdown.

I don't watch it regularly, but sometimes it just happens to be on and I'll watch it. It doesn't seem like that much of an ego trip to me.

Yeah, the premise is a little ridiculous. "Yeah, I'm super hot-shot celebrity Iron Chef Bobby Flay. With a few days prep and training I can totally win a challenge against someone who is a master at making ." Not that Flay doesn't try to be competitive, but I've always taken the format as an interesting way to showcase various chefs and cooks (yes, I am aware that they start filming these chefs and cooks by pretending they are doing a showcase on them). Aside from that, it seems that he and most of his "competition" take it light-heartedly and have fun and just want to serve tasty food. And he often loses anyway and seems genuinely surprised and thankful when he does happen to win. It could also serve as a way for him to expand his culinary horizons by cooking things that he doesn't normally cook.

I suppose it could all be an act, but I don't think so. What do you guys think?

Jump to Slide

Unless I'm missing something (using a script blocker, though SE is on the whitelist), navigation in a slideshow always goes one slide at a time. Which of course how you would read it if you're reading it for the first time.

However, I often find myself wanting to refer back to a specific slide and then having to click through a bunch of slides just to get to the one I want. Some of the slideshows are short, but for longer ones (like the Burger Bash one), it's very tedious to click so much.

I think it would be useful if there was a drop down menu where you could select the slide you want to get to or perhaps a text field where you could type a number and get to that slide.

Even better (though more labor intensive) would be if there were gallery of thumbnails of the slides so you could see what you want (vs just guessing what slide it was with the above methods).

Mixed Review Disclaimer/Note

I think perhaps it would be good to have one of those small text editorial comments explaining the purpose of the Mixed Review column. I know that column has been running a long time, but it just seems there are some people who don't understand it.

So, I missed about 2-3 months of SE and have been reading through the archives furiously for the last few days. One of the things I've noticed is that Mixed Review often gets comments about how easy it would be to make from scratch or sometimes people just commenting to straight up say that no one should ever use mixes for anything and wondering why the column exists at all. (Well, I've actually noticed it for a long time, but this was a much more concentrated dose.)

The worst is the people who try to be clever and say something like "Is this really considered serious eats?". Actually, I hate when people say that in any of the posts. The SE logo has a giant smiley mouth. Have some fun people!

Anyway, I digress. I've also noticed that the Mixed Review appears in the Top Ten for the week post a fair amount, so people are obviously reading it. I find it entertaining even if I would rarely ever even consider using a mix to bake. And I can understand how people who do use mixes would like to know if a particular mix is worth it.

In any case, I think putting up a standard note at the start of the column would help prevent the inevitable anti-mixes comments and the follow up by other readers explaining the column.

A Pizza My Mind: Why You Should Eat More Bad Pizza

If you're visiting Slice, there's a very good chance that you're obsessive about your pizza. You've eaten your 10,000 slices, you've developed an excellent palette...and you no longer have any time in your life for shitty pizza. You want the pizza in the picture above. Well, unless you want to be in a prison of your own creation I would suggest you make a little time for bad pizza. Here's why. More

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

Anybody who's been halfway around the block is aware of In-N-Out's secret menu, which allows you a few custom options other than the regular hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, shakes, and Double-Double that appear on their printed menus. But the options don't stop there. Here's a rundown of everything you can get at In-N-Out, secret menu and beyond. More