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Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

Frozen custard isn't a novelty in Milwaukee, it's a way of life. So much so that you'll be hard-pressed to find bad custard in the city—atmosphere, flavor varieties, and souped-up specials are what separate the wheat from the chaff. Here's what to look for and a rundown of the very best. More

Where to Eat and Drink in Milwaukee

Milwaukee's food scene has been growing leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, and we have everything from dive bars only serving a Friday fish fry to restaurants with James Beard award-winning chefs. And yes, we have lots and lots of beer and cheese and meat, too. More

Milwaukee: Juicy Burgers and Bold Bloodies at the Wicked Hop

In reading many of the Wicked Hop's reviews on Yelp, a theme appeared: The Bloody Marys are great, but the food and service, bluntly, suck. So are they really just riding the wave of their one signature drink and hip location? Not so, I found. In fact, my experience was practically opposite of the predominant opinions on Yelp. I didn't like the bloody, and both the burgers and service were pretty good. More

Staff Picks: Our Favorite No-Shame Snacks for When No One's Looking

I like to get a cheap can of tuna, put it in a bowl and cover it with lemon juice. Like, 2 lemons worth (more if I can justify the cost, or use limes). Plus a heavy dash of salt and lemon pepper seasoning. Eat the tuna. But then comes the best part: drinking the tuna-flavored lemon juice left over. Yep.

I also drink pickle juice from the jar sometimes so this is a theme.

Stuffing Waffles, Stuff-Puppies, and Stuffin's: Three Ways to Bake Your Stuffing Better

I twist on the stuffing muffins: Shape the stuffing like big meatballs, nestle into a shallow pan or casserole just touching each other, then bake. You'll get more crusty bits than if you just had one large mass (though not as much as in a muffin tin), and like the muffin ones it's easy to portion.

It's kind of like the best of both worlds. A little more crusty bits, but still moist. Also you can fit more in one pan than in one muffin tin which helps on oven space. We've been doing our stuffing this way for years and it's great. It's also great to snack on a leftover ball straight out of the fridge!

Hmmm, what if they became stuffing matzo balls in a leftover turkey soup... Oh my.

Jam Making 101: The Tools and Techniques for Success

I prefer a good old potato masher for delicate fruits and my Vitamix (on low) for chopping other fruits for jam, like pineapple or pears. Both are faster and easier to clean than a food mill in my opinion.

I always add a small bit of butter (think half a tablespoon or less) to keep the foam at bay and have never really needed to skim it that way.

Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

Uh oh, looks like it's time for a trip home, Adam!

Taste Test: The Best Caesar Salad Dressings

My favorite bottled dressing is Marzetti's Light Caesar Vinaigrette. It's thinner, less creamy and tangier than their regular, refrigerated caesar. It's also not refrigerated, which is a plus in my book since I don't always eat a ton of salads.

Our 10 Favorite Burgers in Milwaukee

@smoothfin: Haven't tried B52s but have heard good things about them. I have tried the burgs at Kraverz which is right near there; they weren't too bad. And I've said it before and I'll say it again: muenster is the most underrated burger cheese!

@Rog Podge: So many good burgs there. WI is definitely a burger kinda place!

Our 10 Favorite Burgers in Milwaukee

@Skeezix: Sounds like we have fairly similar tastes :) Haven't gotten out to Fred's unfortunately, but it's been on my list for a while. Definitely have to get there soon!

Where to Eat and Drink Outdoors in Milwaukee, 2014 Edition

@Nezrite: Ha! I was a little dubious driving to it too, even though I knew it was weird to get to, and I had double checked it on Google maps satellite!

@Ramo2653: I know, I've had some hot or miss experiences with the food at various Lowlands Group spots, too. Benelux was by far my best experience, at least. As for Horny Goat...I've personally had too many TERRIBLE experiences there, so they were a no go, even though the outdoor area is fantastic. I did just hear that they got new management recently, so they may be worth another try.

I have been to Purple Door. Delicious stuff. They got a mention as a snack in my last article: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/milwaukee-city-guide.html?ref=title

Robyn Lee Is Leaving Serious Eats a Mere 7 1/2 Years After She Got Here

Bye Robyn! It was a pleasure working with you all these years; you're a super duper cool editor person. :) Have great adventures!

The Best Food to Order at Panda Express

Oh please, people love other fast food articles, but not this one? Be honest with yourselves, sometimes you eat shitty food court lunch when you have limited options. Big deal. Plus of all the food court type options, Panda has by far the most fresh vegetables (they're stored in a well-lit display cooler to show you, even), which must count for something.

Everyone knows that the string bean chicken is by far the best thing on the menu. The beans are always crisp tender and it's one of the relatively healthy options because the chicken isn't fried. I suspect that like with any other fast food place, the quality depends on the location, though.

Where to Eat and Drink in Milwaukee

@misterteenwolf: Had never heard of El Local, but judging by the couple photos on Yelp, it looks awesome. Any recommendations besides the steak tacos?

@Skeezix: Went to El Fogon once, back when it opened, and wasn't too impressed. Plus I don't live near it so I've never been back. Perhaps I need to try again! And good point on the Neuske's. But I feel like you can get Neuske's somewhat easily outside of Wisconsin. At least, I've seen it featured on menus outside the state a bunch of times. Smart restaurants.

@eclarke: That's like saying Venice has nothing good because you've been to Rome. Try harder next time.

@Tipsykit37: Hmmm, that's interesting. Does it kind of melt into a homogeneous crust like the "authentic" one? The thing that leads me to believe that it's a pourable topping is the fact that it's always overflowed the edge of the pie pan and baked to the bottom and sides of the paper bag (which also explains the necessity of the bag). We need someone on the inside over there!

How to Make Chicago-Style Italian Beef at Home

@Dennis: I actually didn't bother searing the meat after SV. Since I was trying to slice it as this as possible, it's not like a good crust would have been very apparent anyway.

Which brings me to the other major problem with doing it SV: getting it thin sliced, like Nick mentioned. If you have a meat slicer it won't be a problem, but I just made sure to sharpen my knife and do my best. Luckily, it's so tender from SV anyway that thicker pieces weren't really a problem.

How to Make Chicago-Style Italian Beef at Home

@Dennis: I just did an eye of round roast sous vide for Italian beef sandwiches and it turned out really well. I think I did 135 degrees for about 22 hours and of course it was succulent. The problem with doing it this way is that you only end up with the juices in the bag for au jus purposes. I cheated and added stock to those, along with the same seasoning I had on the roast (dried basil, oregano, red pepper flakes, garlic). The jus would probably be better if you did the roasting/stock method from this recipe.

Big Brew Pub Burgers at Sprecher's Restaurant and Pub in Milwaukee

Erin: It does look like that, doesn't it?? It's actually a fried jalapeno slice and a cheese curd though. So really, it's better than a little burger, if you ask me!

Burger City Guides: Sara Johannes' Favorite Burgers in Milwaukee

I think Sara is my MKE burger soulmate

Kiltie is now on the short list for the next review. Thanks Sara!

Cereal Eats: The Raisin Bran Family Tree

Raisin Nut Bran is my favorite cereal! I love that the raisins stay soft in that weird coating, and the flakes stay crispy in milk for a relatively long period of time.

I still can't find a cereal of my childhood, however. I don't remember the brand name (I seem to recall a yellow box, however), but it was soft, mini shredded wheat pellets with a raisin filling. They make a few various flavors of filled Mini Wheats, but they're always frosted (yuck) and crunchier than the ones I remember. I want my raisin filling!

Where to Eat in Your College Town

Plenty of Madison, WI reviews on the site to feature!

Video: How the Sausage Pizza is Made at Maria's Pizza in Milwaukee

Oh man, now I really want to go back again. When I eat it, I'm always disappointed by the middle pieces, though, and then I'm kind of set for a while. But then I end up seeing something about Maria's and I'm craving it again.

Reality Check: The Wolverine-inspired Burgers at Red Robin

@jakoby: Good to know! I'll have to try that next time I'm up for another Reality Check.

@page7: Thanks for geeking out for me. I knew it all must have had something to do with the movie...but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what.

Best Burgers in Milwaukee from 'Milwaukee Magazine'

We always got the ham from Rupena's on 76th and Beloit since we lived down the street. Still my favorite! Never heard of hot ham on Saturdays, go figure.

Best Burgers in Milwaukee from 'Milwaukee Magazine'

Mmmm hot ham and rolls! Haven't had that in too long. Sunday is my sleeping in day.

Best Burgers in Milwaukee from 'Milwaukee Magazine'

Oh man that's a bunch of restrictions. In Brookfield, there's a place called Cafe Manna that's total vegetarian, and I assume vegan-friendly too. Bombay Sweets is a little vegetarian Indian restaurant (more like a counter/takeout place with lots of desserts and dosa!) on south 13th street that is worth checking out. Outpost, a grocery store with a lot of premade foods, is great for picnic type things, fresh juices, salads, etc. There's one on KK in Bayview. There's a few other places in Bayview/Third Ward that are veggie-friendly, and some might be vegan-friendly too: Odd Duck, Cafe Lulu, Hi-Fi Cafe, and I know Classic Slice does vegan pizza (though soy, obviously).

And all of this means you probably won't be getting Maria's! :( I finally went there (after growing up in that neighborhood) a couple years ago thanks to your Slice review!

Best Burgers in Milwaukee from 'Milwaukee Magazine'

Hey Adam! Lots of recs for you; it's so hard to narrow things down. And forgive me if you've been to some of these places before (I'm sure you have in some cases).

As for Brookfield area: Hands down, Jake's. Do it. The Jake's Burger was awesome (if pricey). Family friendly, though.

For old school, I love Nite Owl across from the airport on Layton. Definitely kid- and takeout-friendly. The only problem is the hours...Go for lunch to make sure they still have burgers, and definitely before 5 to be safe.

Also old school is Solly's. I suspect you've probably been there already. I'm personally not a fan of the butter pool thing but plenty of people are.

Mazo's is also great and old school (bonus points for being across from Leon's).

I saw you commented on North Avenue Grill's review. Definitely stop there if you want a diner experience.

If you want a laid back bar that's also kid friendly and has a nice big patio, Oscar's is the way to go. The Big O is delicious.

OK, phew! I'd say Jake's and Nite Owl would be the top two I'd recommend for you (based on your location and old school requests). North Avenue Grill and Oscar's are my two normal recs for anyone looking for newer places. Hope that helps!

Chain Reaction: Famous Dave's

@thedharmabum: Oh dear, I love those little muffins. In the past I've gotten the apples as a side and then crumbled some of the muffin on top. Voila, instant apple crumble dessert! Amazing how they can pack that much fat into them.

Chain Reaction: Famous Dave's

@shermanhelms: Thanks! I do order plain-ish burgers sometimes, but we usually try and review a restaurant's specialty burgers, the ones they bring attention to. Plus sometimes all the crazy toppings sound pretty good. :) If I have a build-your-own burger option, you'll see that I normally go with fried onions, cheese, and pickles, which I consider pretty "standard" toppings. There's been instances plainer burgs, off the top of my head: Mazo's, Benno's, Wicked Hop, Kopp's, Elsa's... But you're right in that I haven't done one in a while now. I'll keep that in mind, thanks!