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  • Favorite foods: pizza and sushi.
  • Last bite on earth: kimchi.

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what should i give to the kids i babysit with pizza?

Ice cream. Alternate bites between hot pizza and cold ice cream to get a nice tingle in your mouth. If your pizza is cold and your ice cream is hot, you are doing it wrong. This means no hot fudge.

Blogwatch: Meta-Pizza Pie!

Is this real? There is a picture of a man's arm in one of the photos. The author looks female. I call into question the source of this amazing pizza flavored abomination. Yes it can be amazing and an abomination at the same time.


Labor Day Giveaway: Tenderloin Filets and Cedar Grilling Planks

brussel sprouts

I love grilling them because grilling them is the only way I enjoy them.

My Pie Monday: Ramps, Kalbi, Cheeseburger Pizza and More!

The Monday pies always look good but this batch looks particularly good.

Soft Tofu Restaurant (So Kong Dong) in Fort Lee, New Jersey

As far as non soondubu stew goes, I really like So Moon Nan Jip in Pal Park. Their kimchi and denjang are really good. My romanization might be a little off. I don't even know if they have soondubu there or if its good.

This exercise to think of a place with good soondubu made me realize something; I don't really know any places where I really like the soondubu.

I'll talk to my brother in the near future and get that veggie place for you.

Soft Tofu Restaurant (So Kong Dong) in Fort Lee, New Jersey

So Kong Dong in Fort Lee is average. It's not bad but it's far from good.

It is better than most Manhattan place though. My brother told me that there is a vegetarian place on 32st that has great soondubu but I distrust the vegetarian option.

I don't remember any of the stews at Seoul Garden being exceptional.

Pizza Obsessives: Tim Kang, Slice New Jersey Contributor

Haha. That is a great picture. You sort of look like the Korean version of Lloyd.

Closter, New Jersey: Rudy's Ristorante

That is disappointing. I wonder if the pizza changed or my tastes did.

Photo of the Day: Giant Burger from GS Supermarket in South Korea

It is fried chicken with tomatoes according to the second link. I was really hoping it would be fried pork cutlets. I generally I find American junk food subpar in Seoul especially considering how good Korean junk food is.

Edgewater, New Jersey: Brooklyn's Brick Oven Pizza Is an Excellent Grimaldi's Substitute

For people wanting to eat there. They are closed, or used to be, during off hours between lunch and dinner. I always called even though I lived near 5 minutes away.

@Tim - On river road is another place called Pizza Club. Standard NYC style joint. Looks and feels like a pizza joint. Their pies were maddeningly inconsistent and the first time I went there I thought it was garbage but one summer they kept pumping out great crispy pies. You should go there and try it out.

Edgewater, New Jersey: Brooklyn's Brick Oven Pizza Is an Excellent Grimaldi's Substitute

Great review. I had since had to change to the Hackesack location due to a move but I still think fondly of the Edgewater branch despite, what I consider to be horrible service. I consider the Edgewater branch to be superior.

They do not take credit cards, which moderately annoys me. The text "No Free Refills" is prominent on their menus. I understand the no free refill policy but the way they deliver the message just speaks to how customer unfriendly they are.

Most of the service staff was surly.

Yet despite all this, their product was so exceptional that I kept going back.

Hoboken, New Jersey: Promising Pizza at Dozzino

Another excellent review.

All in all that pizza actually looks good to eat once in a while but not something that would go into my regular rotation.

PS I guess Dozzino doesn't server ceaser salads.

help me find GOOD pizza in my neighborhood

I'll second Rigoletto. Their white pizza with spinach is very good. They also serve hot oil and a green paste that I can't remember as condiments.

New Jersey: Nostalgia and a Solid Slice at Fort Lee Pizzeria

Yes that pie did look delicious. I will give it a try next time I'm in the area.

New Jersey: Nostalgia and a Solid Slice at Fort Lee Pizzeria

@ Tim Kang
Really?, I think Linwood is crispier and overall a better pie. I guess we can agree to disagree. Both of them used to be a lot better. I guess this is how I know I'm getting old; everything was better back in the days.

The pizza in that area, outside of Brooklyn Pizza, is inferior to the pizza further north and Jersey City IMO. Although, i haven't had pizza in JC for about 5 years now I still often think about going there to get some.

New Jersey: Nostalgia and a Solid Slice at Fort Lee Pizzeria

FLP is adequate but I hardly eat there since Linwood Pizza is 10 minutes away. As a side note, I was told that FLP pizza is really good cold. I never tried it myself but something you might want to test.

ZaZa: Fantastic Neapolitan-Style Pizza in Scarsdale, New York

I just ate at ZaZa's for lunch today. I will spare everyone a review but I will give share with you my analysis. The pizza is brilliant. One could hardly do better if judging the pie on its own merits. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where price colors our opinions. I'm not entirely sure the pizza is worth the price. I say this because one could get a pie that is about 80% as good at 50% of the price. I'm really estimating here, by the square feet , but I hope everyone gets the idea.

You will have to come up with a price you are comfortable paying. If that price is less then what they charge then you should eat there.

Personally, it was worth it for me to try it once. I would imagine that tourist and other people that don't make it up to Westchester often will be o.k. with the one time cost.

My recommendation is to try it once. I highly suggest you go there sooner rather than later because I can see a situation where they reduce the quality of their ingredients to reduce the price or just go out of business. I'm more apt to guess the later because the chef seemed very proud that he used high quality ingredients.

Also, the quality of restaurants tend to degrade over time and it would be a shame to miss out on such a beautiful pie.