Lived in Paris for a year, and now I can't stand French food except for bread and pastries. Other than that, I will eat nearly anything.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, chocolate cake, smoothies, cider, real French baguettes, anything spicy
  • Last bite on earth: Restaurant at Meadowood, no question

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Behind the Scenes: Holsteins, One of the Best Burger Joints in Las Vegas

Holstein's is delicious, but the service there could really use help. I've been several times, and I only had decent service the first time, which was right after the place had opened. It's really too bad, I love their milkshakes and the burgers are amazing.

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast and Stuffing (Thanksgiving for a Small Crowd)

Hooray! Now I won't have to figure out how to cook turkey for my Thanksgiving alone!! (Of course, I'll have leftovers, but that's the best part!) Thank you SE!!!

Carolina Gold Rice

I personally don't like Carolina Gold Rice, it tends to be, for lack of a better term, mushy.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Showdown: Starbucks vs. McDonald's

I really like the one from Peets. It's an all-around better beverage.

What's Your Favorite Bourbon Cocktail?

I usually sub bourbon for scotch in a blood & sand. I also really enjoy a good old fashioned or a manhattan. Ah hell, I like pretty much anything with bourbon, honestly.

Premium White Rum

Mount Gay makes a pretty decent silver rum, which I like best in a classic mojito. It honestly works really well when mixed with lemonade as well. Maybe a berry lemonade for some extra flavor? Honestly, white/silver rum is versatile, and you can mix it almost the same way you'd mix vodka.

7 Non-Pimm's Cup Cocktails to Make With Pimm's

Thank you so much for these!!! I love the taste of Pimm's, but I'm a bit wary about experimenting on my own. I can't wait to try them!

Snapshots From New Zealand: Five Must-Try Sweets

I found a pint of hokey pokey ice cream one time in San Francisco. I ate the whole thing in the car, without any shame. I need to have it again.

Momofuku ramen broth: Some discrepancies on line

No problem!! I also second the worthiness of owning the book. It's worth it just for David Chang's commentary about his restaurants, not to mention the amazing recipes.

Momofuku ramen broth: Some discrepancies on line

The blogs are completely wrong! It says in the cookbook, "Remove and discard the spent bones and vegetables".

Buying Wine In Paris Not Seen in U.S.

Inexpensive does not equal bad in France! Go ahead and try a supermarket wine for 5€. Experimentation is great, and if you have a good handle on French, just ask someone who works in a wine shop for some help.

The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches, the International Edition

I second the jambon beurre! Also, tuna sandwiches with various veggies are also quite popular in France (sometimes, oddly enough, with slices of hard-boiled egg tucked inside as well!)

Daily Slice: Veggie at Live Fire Pizza, SFO

I really like Napa Farms Market, I will have to try this pizza next time I fly out of SFO!