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Hey Chef, How Can I Use up Extra Jam?

put it on top of brie, wrap it in pastry and bake it

The Le Creuset Wooden Scraping Spoon is My New Favorite Spoon

I don't put much stock in Pampered Chef, but I love these "spoons" Bamboo Spatula Set
It's like the french curve of spoons. One mostly pointy side and one mostly round to be able to get into any kind of corner.

Win a Copy of 'Prune'

I love the new format for contest entries.

For the Best Sour Patch Kids, Go to a Show

After much testing in my household, it has been determined Sour Patch Kids Berries Sour Patch Kids Berries are the top dog. Followed by the red headed stepchild Sour Patch Kids Watermelons.

How Roux Made Its Way Into the Gumbo Pot

Well now I want some gumbo. Great article.

American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

NW Ohio reporting in: it's goulash. Though coincidentally we also have a large Hungarian/Polish population and should know better, lol. Also, chili mac is greek chili on top of pasta, not a baked casserole.

The Food Lab: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs


I think one of my favorite things about you (and also Alton Brown) is that you're not set in your ways and if you gain new information you're not afraid to correct it, instead of trying to appear perfect.

Bake the Book: Frenchie

cheese, cheese, and more cheese

A Beginner's Guide to Belgian Beer Styles

Just want to chime in on a well written article.

Keep Your Lids Off the Counter With the Onpot Lid Rest

I like this idea, but $10 is a steep price to pay for only one. Maybe if it was 2 or 3 for $10.

Know Your Sweets: Candy Canes

As a native of NW Ohio, I make sure to always grab a box of Spangler's Candy Canes!

Ask a Cicerone: Your Favorite Porters and Stouts

Favorite special/barrel aged - Goose Island BCS from tap.

Everyday - Murphy's Stout. but only on nitro tap.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Onion Preparation?

Caramelized onions literally make everything better. I'm not opposed to onion rings (or better beer battered onion strings).

Cocktails From a Low-Stocked Bar: A Guide to Substitutions

I love articles like this. It's one of the reasons I was drawing to Alton Brown so much. I don't really need recipes (those are easy to find), but rather I like to know about the ingredients and how to manipulate them.

13 Frozen Treats We're Loving Around the Country

Carrie, it was part of it, but they released it a couple weeks ago in the stores and by the pint. It was a big hit; I know the store closest to us was having trouble keeping pints in stock. And it's as good as you imagine it, lol.

13 Frozen Treats We're Loving Around the Country

So I know Jeni's Ice Cream gets all sorts of love on here, but this particular flavor is easily the best of the summer Loveless Biscuits + Peach Jam

'No Sharing! No Doggy Bags!' A Mountain of Brazilian Meat at Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark

A friend of mine described his experience at a Brazilian steakhouse as "drunk on meat", lol.


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