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What I Learned at Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp

While it doesn't get much better than sipping Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale from the tanks or the chance to try unique beers from previous Beer Camps every night in the brewery's taproom, Sierra Nevada's commitment not only to their employees but to sustainability and to protecting the environment left me inspired and excited for them to call North Carolina their second home. More

New Brewery: Rogness Brewing Co., Pflugerville, Texas

Forrest Rogness studied photography at the University of Iowa for five years, where he learned the intricacies of framing the subjects in his pictures. Fortunately for the Austin beer community, Rogness transferred that knowledge to another craft. He says, "[It] was a natural progression into homebrewing—making beers and focusing on composition and balance." Rogness and his wife Diane recently founded Rogness Brewing Company in Pflugerville, Texas, a small suburb located fourteen miles northeast of Austin. More

What I Learned at Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp

@Dave90757 Thanks for leaving the comment, and I could not be more excited either!

What I Learned Judging the Samuel Adam's LongShot Homebrew Contest

@YancyDC Thanks for sharing your craft beer epiphany, and I agree with you about Boston Beer continuing to innovate the industry. Cheers!

What I Learned at Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp

@smiths37 I would highly recommend a trip! Thanks for reading!

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