What is YOUR kryptonite?

bread and pasta.

Philadelphia nice dinning suggestion for Christmas

IMHO waterworks is really about the ambiance and the view. The food is good, but not the best. All of the others listed have fantastic food. I would also add Marigold, Farmicia and Osteria to the list.

There are many obvious choices- le bec fin and the rest, but I tried to pick the slightly less obvious.

Induction cookware help

Sorry, how did I miss the post just below on induction pots? It was helpful. There was a suggestion for cuisinart. I found a bunch of stainless steel cuisinart sets on amazon. They don't mention that they are specifically for induction. Has anyone used them on induction? Would they be better or as good as the kinetic?

Philadelphia nice dinning suggestion for Christmas

What is the couple like? Do they seem like the fine-dining, white tablecloth type? If so, then Waterworks would be my recommendation.

But if they would be more into a relaxed bar scene with food and beer, there are tons of those too. I like Resurrection Ale House. It's a little hidden, so they might not have been there yet and could try something new.

If they like seafood, there's Fish. Greek food- Dmitri's. For American, seasonal, farm to table there's Pumpkin.

These are my personal faves, but I hope they help!

What is that subway smell?

It's funny just today I happened into a subway today and remembered why I don't eat there any more. It's a chemically smell that pervades their food also. Ever read the description of their cold cuts? Nothing there is real, and the bread tastes stale more often than not.

Open Thread: What Words Should Never Be Used to Describe Food?

+1 for sexy. Especially said by a certain food network chef as she "massages" meat and makes weird grunting sounds.

Girls "book club" night entertaining EMERGENCY!!!

Why not make a one-pot pasta dish instead of pasta and ratatouille? Pasta (rigatoni would work especially well) with a tomato/eggplant/pepper sauce and sausage if there are no vegetarians? Or soup and sandwiches? You could make an easy tomato or minestrone soup and bake or grill off a bunch of grilled cheese with stuff in them like meat, tomato, bacon, etc to order.

Food Pimps

Me, I prefer my pimps raw.

cucumbers in sauce! help

I'm not sure how I would feel about making a sauce with them. Wouldn't they make the sauce really watery? And would you then cook the sauce?

I've also heard of freezer pickles. Or you could make tatziki. Or cucumber soup. I've made this recipe before-

Or just have a spa day- make some cucumber, lemon, and mint water and lay some cold slices over your eyes.

New site dedicated to asparagus needs your help

It might be worth reading through the comment policy, specifically points 4 and 5.

You may have good intentions, but I don't think you'll get a ton of support here. I'm sure there are other means to promote your love of asparagus.

Last minute meal ideas for feeding 4 kids and 4 adults!

Make a huge batch of chili. Can be used as leftovers reincarnated in many forms. Serve with rice and cornbread. Other ideas- quiche, meatloaf, and any good, classic soup served with salad and crusty bread. Try to involve the kids in the cooking too! Maybe take them shopping and let them pick out ingredients.

Dump sauce ideas?

Or for a stir fry you could make a pretty simple peanut sauce- soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, peanut butter and optional orange juice to make it sweet and sour. But definitely make sure you use low sodium soy sauce and peanut butter.

Dump sauce ideas?

Pureed veggies are a great base for sauce and an easy way to get in nutrition. A tomato base (canned crushed or whole tomatoes are great) can be turned into all sorts of flavors from italian to mexican. Add onions, garlic, bell peppers, maybe some spinach and blend away. You can leave some stuff whole like corn kernals. I've added canned enchilada sauce for flavoring. Or salsa.

You could easily add basil and parm to make it italian. If you add some ricotta and ground beef, it's ready made lasagna.

No Cook Dinner Ideas

Get creative with sandwiches and wraps. Pita or naan make good open faced sandwiches in the toaster oven. Eggs and egg casseroles can also be made in the toaster oven. Same with potatoes and sweet potatoes. Make batches of fresh salsa, maybe with fruit, to add some variety. If you have some way to make hot water (electric kettles are cheap) you can make cous cous and other grains pretty easily. And they can then be stored in the fridge and served cold. I think you have lots of options.

Low Carb Birthday Dinner

I'm thinking of cold, summer recipes. What about some sort of bean salad? Like chickpeas with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs? Or just marinated cucumbers? A summery soup like gazpacho? Corn, tomato, avocado, black bean salsa?

It would also help to know what counts as carbs and/or why does he not eat them?

need advice for healthy foods for husband that hates veggies!

If I have a bunch of veggies that need to get eaten here's what I do- Blend them (raw, seriously trust me) in a blender with fresh or canned tomatoes, onions, garlic, parmesan cheese, a splash of olive oil and vinegar (your favorite kind) and salt and pepper. Should be smooth but can have chunks if desired. I've used every vegetable from spinach to cauliflower to eggplant. Taste and season. You can add herbs if you want. I've also occasionally added feta cheese or some sort of creamy dairy product. You can cook this down or leave it raw and toss with pasta. If you cook it low and slow until thick you can also use it as a pizza sauce. It usually freezes pretty well.

My other use as others said is to chop them finely and make meatballs, meatloaf, or burger like patties. The other benefit is that this stretches expensive meats. You can also chop them and make lentil or bean patties that he might eat if you pan fry them in oil until crispy and serve with a creamy dipping sauce. You could bake them and make the dipping sauce with greek yogurt, lemon, garlic and fresh herbs for something healthier.

Has anyone cooked goat?

I'm lucky enough to have a friend whose family raises goats for meat so I've gotten to sample some delicious goat lasagna. Ground is ideal for any recipe where you would use other ground meats. I made some morrocan goat balls. Just use your fave meatball base (breadcrumbs, eggs, etc) and add morrocan seasonings. It can handle quite a lot of seasoning. Serve on pita bread with gryo style fixings.

Shrimp Ideas with not many ingredients

what's been making the rounds on pinterest- layer a sliced lemon, a stick of butter, and a packaged italian seasoning mix on a rimmed baking sheet with shrimp and bake in the oven.

Need help with nutless pesto

off the top of my head, what about mashed chickpeas? or what about adding some cheese that has a nutty flavor, like asiago?

Challenging Christmas Dinner

Thanks guys! We do have a grill and a smoker so I think the main dishes will be meat and fish. Maybe a quiche to go alongside? We're having cioppino the night before.

Dessert made from Tater Tots??

tater lollipops with different sweet dips.

Ideas, Please - for Wednesday Dinner Before Thanksgiving

We've done something light and simple. Soup, sandwiches, and a salad worked really well. Grilled vegetables and seafood. Vegetable lasagna.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Puerto Rican Beer

I was there this summer. Did you try Gasolina? It's a "party in a pouch" what's not to like? I brought some back and my friends are horrified that people actually drink that stuff. I think I'll just use the rest as lighter fluid or to fill my car in a pinch.

Philadelphia pizza -- Any suggestions?

Mama Palmas for something a bit more fancy. Lazaro's or Allegro's for super cheap. Be sure to try philly style tomato pie, most places in the italian market are good for that.

Has anyone used wonton wrappers for ravioli?

I've done it. They're a little fragile when you boil them, but delicious nonetheless.

Induction cookware help

My parents requested pots and pans for their induction cooktop for christmas. I'd like to buy them a set, and I'm on a budget- $100 or less. (I could also buy a few separate pieces if a set would be too expensive.) I've read some of the previous talk questions, and found a recommendation for "kinetic" brand made by innova. I found this set on amazon:

Has anyone used this brand on an induction cooktop? In my experience, most stainless steel stuff works, but I've had problems with food, like eggs, sticking even with a lot of oil.

So would anyone recommend this brand, or any other that is good quality and ideally non-stick? I can compromise on the non-stick, it seems to bother me more than my parents. Thanks!

Challenging Christmas Dinner

I need help planning the Christmas Day menu for my family which consists of:

A pescetarian
A carnivore who doesn't eat seafood
2 people on the Ideal Protein diet (high protein, no carb)

Please help! I'm definitely going to do a big salad but I'm lost otherwise. I'm probably going to need 2 main dishes, one veg/fish the other meat. Nothing too complicated as I don't want to be in the kitchen all day. Thanks in advance.

Best Food Trend of 2012

In response to MariannaF's post about best and worst of 2012 I'd like to talk about what was unquestionably the best trend of the year: different foods for men and women. It's high time the food industry recognize that deep down men are just cavemen and women are here to look pretty and make babies. For far too long women have had to endure pizza that is not designed for our delicate hands and small mouths while men have been wondering why their chips are strangely underseasoned and their cakes have suddenly shrunk down to the size of a lollipop. They'd have to eat like a million of those things to meet their caloric intake for the day. Let's hope that in 2013 we'll continue to solve some of these problems.

dried mushrooms

I have a mass quantity of dried mushrooms because they were on sale and I was curious. I'm not wild about the flavor or texture when reconstituted, so I was wondering if I could grind them up in the food processor and use the powder to impart flavor to sauces or stews. A google search turned up lots of interesting links about grinding up "shrooms." That's a topic for another day.... I also saw that people use the mushroom powder in making pasta which sounds interesting but I don't have the time or equipment really to do that. Any thoughts as to how I can use them? By the way, they are not the whole dried shitakes. They are whiteish and sliced, and honestly I'm not sure what variety.

vegetarian oktoberfest?

I know that vegetarian is not what comes to mind when you think oktoberfest, but I'm hosting a party for a mixed meat eating/veg crowd. I'll have some sausages, and I'm hoping my grocery store has kraut and soft pretzels (do most big chains carry these?) and I'm going to make a german apple pancakes, but what else can I make that would satisfy everyone (carnivores included)? It would be a shame to make german potato salad without the bacon.

I'm also looking for beer recommendations.

Tainted Seafood

Might make the growing number of pescetarians out there reconsider...

Elevation Burger?

Has anyone been there? They only have them in a few states, but it seems like they are growing. Might be an interesting "Chain Reaction" review. I personally kind of like them, both as a concept and as a burger.

Uses for cocktail olives?

So I have a large jar of cocktail olives. The big green kind, very briny and stuffed with onion. I opened them to try one and now am stuck with the whole jar. I don't drink very much so besides martinis I'm kind of at a loss. Got any recipes that might make them a little more palatable?

Nominate fellow SE'rs for Reader Awards!

Who among us would you nominate in the following categories:

1. Funniest

2. Most knowledgeable

3. Would most like to have over for dinner

4. Would you most like to have you over for dinner

5. Best sleeper (doesn't comment often but comes up with some zingers)

6. Has the best personal food blog

7. And finally: What ever happened to....

It's almost Friday. Figured we needed something nice to think about before the weekend! And hey, maybe SE can come up with some prizes ;)

No spoiler alert?

I was recently scrolling down and happened to see a post about the top chef finale. I am a loyal fan of the show, but haven't seen the past few episodes so I was distraught to see big pictures of the finalists up on my screen before I could close the window or scroll past it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who might be interested in watching but has missed a few episodes. In the future, as a courtesy, might you include a spoiler alert warning and not include giant pictures on the front page? Thank you.

Attention Philly SE'ers!

I'm not a huge Food Network fan, but... They are filming an episode of Chef's vs. City here tomorrow! I don't have the scoop on all of the stops, but I do happen to know that around lunch time (maybe noon) they will be stopping at 34th and Walnut where the contestants will be selling Magic Carpet falafel. I'll be first in line! While the show is kind of hokey, I do like that they feature local places and I've been a loyal patron of Magic Carpet for years. If you're in the area, come on by!

Foodie Vacation

I've decided that if I get into grad school I'm treating myself to a vacation next summer. Requirements: international locale, beach, budget friendly, and of course... great local cuisine! Help please???

The Best Way To Eat Breakfast at McDonald's

I like McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, my wife loves their Hash Browns, and just the other day I was thinking about how there aren't enough crispy-potato-as-sandwich-filling sandwiches. Putting these three thoughts together I was struck by an idea that could be a) genius, b) stupid, or c) ingeniously stupid. You be the judge. More