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Must eat in LA

For a cheap Vietnamese lunch go to SOY CAFE! The Jicama rolls are out of control and they make a mean bahn mi ga. Limited seating, though, so best to go alone or with one other person. It's in Silver Lake, which I don't think is too far from Burbank: 1997 Hyperion Avenue, (323) 663-7888 They also keep weird hours (like 11 to 3 or something) and are closed on Sundays so maybe call before heading over.

Also Pizzeria Mozza in West Hollywood is amazing, best pizza I've ever had.

Cook the Book: Le Bernardin’s 'Crab Cakes' with Shaved Cauliflower and Dijon Mustard Emulsion

duh. it's not a crab cake at all, hence the quotation marks.

also, anyone else confused by this recipe? you combine the lump and peekytoe in step 3, then plate them in layers on step 4... doesn't make sense...

Served: Recession Waitressing

Honestly?? I work 50hrs a week and make so much less than you. You make more money than you realize, and if you broke it down hourly you'd see that many of us with office jobs are actually bringing in 2/3rds of what you make. I used to work at a restaurant but now work a corporate food gig, whereas my roommate is a waitress: she makes 150% of what I make and works 60% of the hours. And complains. And bitches, and moans. Which is ridiculous because my boss is rude to me all the time, and I suffer through it EVERY DAY, not just for the two hours you have to deal with a difficult guest before watching them walk out the door and proclaiming to yourself "good riddance."

Of course, I only ever tip 15% for reeeeeeally bad service and 20-30% for good service. I tip $3 on two beers at a bar. So yeah, I get that $9 on $100 is unacceptable and that dude's getting karmic food poisoning the next time he eats out for sure, but really, quit yer whining and accept that, in NYC at least, the money you make is an inflated salary for what may be trying but is ultimately unskilled and relatively accommodating work.

Ticket Giveaway: Japanese Food and Drink Demo and Tasting

Tuna Tartar with garlic kojichan and wasabi sauce: the sweet, buttery undertones of pillow-soft, sashimi-grade fish aciduated by citrus spiked streaks of bright chili sauce.


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