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saw hams in aldi, has anyone tried them?

I used to buy ham at Aldi, and was never disappointed. I used to be able to find spiral sliced on the bone that were tasty. I really think Aldi is underrated, and I hate that there isn't one in State College, PA.


I've been drowning my Christmas sorrows in boxed wine for the past week because I won't get to see my family on Christmas (for the first time in my life). @Bitchin, I know you feel my far-away-from-home pain. Thankfully this has made for some lovely drunk posting/texting/facebooking for everyone to enjoy. SIGH... at least I have a bourboned-up husband and a few fat cats to console me while I drain the Franzia bladder. Here's hoping Santa shows up with some Gatorade and Ibuprofen. Merry Christmas to all, and to all Serious Eats!

Best Veggie Burger

I love the walnut burger recipe in Mark Bittman's "How to cook everything vegetarian." It has the meatiest (I hope that's a word) texture of any other veg burger I've tried that wasn't made with TVP or seitan,

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

a really old, no-brand carbon steel scimitar in my mom's kitchen.

Irish Stout Cheese!

If you bought the kerrygold dubliner stout cheddar, which is the only one I know to be widely available, I wouldn't suggest mac and cheese because it is too aged to melt smoothly in a sauce. It will end up gritty and possibly separated, but I vaguely remember Kenji coming up with a melting solution for aged cheeses. I think...

What's For Dinner?

Walnut veggie burgers with chili powder oven fries and oranges that were buy one bag, get one free at Weis.
@teachertalk- If wine can't make it better, nothing can.

Nutritional yeast: help! I can't get enough.

There are a lot of vegan recipes that use it as a cheese replacement in sauces and dips. I always mix a little into masa when I make tamales. I agree that it's an odd craving. It's a source of complete protein and B vitamins, so maybe you are deficient in one of those areas. I would strongly suggest getting some bloodwork done, especially if you are a vegetarian.

Product lines named after celebrity cooks: are they any good?

I got some celebrity products as wedding gifts. Emeril's cast iron griddle was surprisingly well seasoned, though one of the handles cracked. Paula's whisk snapped in half the first time I used it, but I use her enamel dutch oven several times a week and love it.

Moving My Kitchen

I totally agree with packing spices, etc. inside pots. it keeps the boxes lighter than just stacking pots inside one another.

Vittles! Varmints! Do you have a backwoods recipe?

I'll have to look for my grandmother's squirrel brain gravy recipe!

Tamale steamer as a water bath for canning?

By "this," I meant the tamale steamer, not that you should do the stock pot instead.

Tamale steamer as a water bath for canning?

I just finished making pickles in a stock pot with a towel in the bottom, and all of my jars sealed and none broke. This should work fine for any water bath appropriate recipes, but low acid foods need a pressure canner.

Did anyone just feel the Earthquake on the East Coast?

I thought that my upstairs neighbors were just moving something heavy, but then my couch and blinds started shaking and the cats flipped out. My husband's building on penn state's campus was swaying pretty badly.

CSAs, What do they cost?

My CSA costs about $425 for May-November. I pick up once a week, and the "individual" share is enough for me and my husband. It's also certified organic, and other local products are often available for additional $.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Gordon's London Dry Gin

I like gordon's, but I'll slap a baby for a new amsterdam grey hound.

EW! Little Black Bugs in the Cupboard

when I was growing up, we resorted to keeping all non-canned pantry items in tupperware, mason jars, or the freezer. We had flour moths instead of beetles. Even after moving 12 hours away, I won't eat anything from the pantry without checking for their webs. GRRRRR.